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China guys in MRT

So today after school when i was taking the bus home there was only 3 people including me ==
2 China guys and me

They were talking loudly in Chinese saying wht " look over there u see u see!"\
Then one China guy got up and stood at the door and waved to "it" and smiled so big it could reach ear to ear lols

To China guys, you will probably not see this though I know you guys are friendly but PLEASE don't do this in Singapore.

Oh then they left  and i was alone in the bus


Just now i was using the com, scrolling through my fb newsfeed when something happened. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds and my chest felt really tight like there was something stuck. Then i ended up collapsing on the floor. Though i think it was bc i was lying down and it pressed or smth? O_o idk 
But this is the first time this happened. I mean i had times where i couldn't breathe properly and also my chest hurts but there was no tight feeling in there, but i remember once when i felt that really tight feeling i went to the hospital and they gave me this breathing thing to cover my nose. Lol i still remember how shiok it felt like, HAHA like breathing cold air.
Soooo.. yup

Sorry :(

Okay so as you all know i changed my blogskin like 3 times already in just a few days of starting to blog. My past blogskin was the 9 grid one where it was my fave bc it was not like other blogs it was kinda special, but the thing why i changed it was bc it could only display a few posts and i didn't really liked that. So i changed to thing blogskin, and this one it didn't have the friends url thingy. Like it did in the code but i can't seem to find it. So sorry to everyone whom have linked me on their blog i can't display yours on mine :'(
I might be changing to another blogskin but i'm actually quite lazy lols

Byeee love u guys :b


So as i told you guys i will be uploading the Q&A video today, but bc its a really big file it will take quite a long time but i will still be uploading it today. ^o^


I was reading a book and came across this quote which I think is really sweet :3
"Ci sono trenta modi per salvare il mondo, ma uno solo perche il mondo salvi me-che io voglia star con te, e tu voglia star con me"


Hii! I just got home from slacking with Seow Wei :b
We made a Q&A video and will be uploading it on both our blogs soon. I don't know if i should put it in one of the 9 boxes as a permanent one since my blogskin only allows maybe 10 posts in the grid but the problem is that there is quite personal stuff abt us that i **LIMITED TIME ONLY** before its gone. Not on my blog, but my blogskin doesn't let it so.. yup
Plus i look really stupid


Morning guys!!
So a week ago i was at the library with SW and i borrowed a book. Hahahaha
It was


I don't really have much to blog abt lately..soo...
Btw i got 2 weeks maths supp -_-. good thing that it is only 2 hrs or i would die literally this isn't a holiday anymore with supp and all

Memories in BS and Mstar :D

This was when i was with Declan >>
More of Declan..>>>
And some random stranger
More random strangers :D
This was taken today, i'm in the middle. DA CASANOVA WAHAHA and the vampire is attackingme while iron man protecting me hehe>>
Also today whenwith my vampire

When i was with Declan.. :(
I have no idea who that is bc i dun remember
When i was with SW
Idk who lols

I actually have many more pics but most of them i deleted to make more space for newer ones and also so get rid of my memory with declan. I also blocked him on fb but i have a lot of photos on fb already haha


Hi guys! As you all know, Halloween is coming up soon! Now to all of the people who don't know when halloween is, it is on Thursday 31 October.
I don't celebrate Halloween nor does my entire family, but i just want to wish you all a happy early halloween.



I said this like sooo many times but i srs can't wait to go USS with my babe SW <3 。◕ ‿ ◕。
I already saved up enough for the ticket, food and new clothes also plus were celebrating my bday there. IT'S GONNA BE MY BEST BDAY EVER SRS
omg im so excited :D (ΘεΘ;)
Then for clothes we are going to bugis street on last day of maths supp to shop for super nice clothes and our budget is probably $25? Idk luh but i can't wait omgomgomgomgomogmomgomomg

Happy Stingrae Is Happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
 Oh and i found this super cute website with tons of kawaii emoticons (◕‿◕✿)
I think this is my most informal post so far

Do you want to come to my ?
We can sleep in my 

A new daaay

Hi everyoneeeeeee<3<3<3<3
I think im gonna have this blog monthsary thing to celebrate myself how far my blog has gone. Then hopefully i won't forget about my blog! :D

Oh btw i decided to do the 99 questions thing so you can know me better :D

1:Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Close
2:Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? I take everything xD
3:Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? In
4:Have you ever stolen a street sign before? No..
5:Do you like to use post-it notes? To write down my email and passwords x3
6:Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? I have a lot
7:Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? Bees
8:Do you have freckles? No
9:Do you always smile for pictures? Usually
10:What is your biggest pet peeve? idk
11:Do you ever count your steps when you walk? Guilty as charged
12:Have you ever peed in the woods? No
13:What about pooped in the woods? No
14:Do you ever dance even if theres…


So i just finished editing my blog and all, FINALLY a nice blogskin and i kind of got the hang of this blogging stuff. Bleh :b
I am gonna blog more tomorrow!


Lol so today is my second day of blogging gonna tell you what im gonna do in the holidays!
We have already gotten everything planned out especially for USS. $76 for ticket, $25 for clothes since we have literally nothing nice to wear, and $20 for food to buy that gigantic huge flat pizza there! I don't know but maybe if my mum give me allowance for the 2 weeks of supplementary i can probably have enough lol.

All about me

My name isRaewen, 13inNovember. My favourite colour is pink and quitegirly if you say so.

I only started blogging for the sake of that whenever i have something really long like maybe an essay or composition about me or other people i just have to write it down. However, sometimes i don't have any paper -_-" and the other reason why im blogging is because of myteddy escieeeeee lols that has a really girly and nice blog that kind of motivated/inspired me to make one.
I have a best friend, lols like i said in the above, her name is Seow Wei, but we call each other escie and arscie lols. She is a really nice, sweet, funny and we have many common interests, though we do have our own dislikes hehehe. ^o^ There and then, without fail, we would always stick by each other whenever something happens, whether its an argument or something happened between the people that live and breathe around us like family, friends.. even we get arguments about boys sometimes when we neglect e…