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Girl problems xD

This might be quite a lengthy post and you don't have to read if you don't want to.
 I'm not gonna mention names here but there is this guy that has made soo much drama between SW & I's friendship and i just have to blog abt it. Lol, its not like SW & I's first time fighting over some ridiculous thing especially when it comes to boys. Not that we fight over them but more like since were so close as best friends, we do EVERYTHING together. We've been to places we have never went with our friends, our parents etc.. So when one of us just so happen to meet a new guy and become good friends, we would go crazy over it like complaining about how that certain guy is stealing her from me or vice versa. This might also seem like something small and immature but these kind of problems have caused so many problems to our friendship and from the emotional trauma (especially when were having our period >.<) sometimes i feel like murdering that guy.

so……. i made this sleepy komaeda.
it’s transparent~ feel free to use it on your blog if you want!^q^

So theres this guy, he caused soo much drama the day before USS at night we were already thinking about changing it to another day bc we were just so affected by that guy but fortunately we didn't. He actually met SW on mstar, blahblahblah they started dating blahblahblah, i started raging abt him stealing SW from me blahblahblah.. He actually faked an identity just to be friends with me and at first i didn't know it was him but soon it was just really obvious since he just can't fake another lingo or smth =.=

Then this is what happened. SW & that guy actually broke up and that guy actually aimed me and wanted to start dating. Though SW actually hates him a lot now i'm still considering whether i should ignore him or just be friends with someone who could have broken up SW & I and it would also be a waste if i actually ignore him because after being friends with him and such a long time of raging i don't want to be that person who would just ignore someone after being so close friends. And srsly? Aiming for your ex's bestf. Can you not? No one has ever done so much between us and if we actually be friends with him again i'm afraid it will cause more problems. But i'm not ready to waste a close friendship with someone so fast. SW actually asked me to make a decision on whether i should ignore him forever or still be friends with him. I already stopped raging at him and to me it takes a lot of patience (lol) and maybe i'll wait a few days before telling her my decision. 



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