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Happy CNY!

Today is Chinese New Year Eve and in school there was this celebration and school ended at 10 30.

Yes and i'm actually pretty stoked about this sorry.
So how's your CNY eve like? I would be more than happy to hear your stories which you obviously wouldn't be bothered to tell me.  Anyways.. I just ate reunion dinner and well i am so bloated with coke and soup and lots and lots of water 
On to topic, the school celebration wasn't really much of a big deal so lets just skip to after school. Bestie and i actually planned to go to bugis street to get some last minute CNY clothing and maybe for our performance. Soo we chiong to mrt station and went to bugis but unfortunately, it was still like around 11am and most of the shops weren't open yet. 

Plus bestie had to reach home at like 1 30 for her family's celebration or something. So like immediately we went to orchard and surprisingly we didn't get lost. It really was my first time going to orchard with my friends. Y…

~Life decisions maybe~


If you noticed, i've made some changes to my blog like changing the blogskin, the thing for my description to move, and yeah. Ponies. I'm not sure if you can see it in your browser but in google chrome it works just fine. Also i'm really sorry if the ponies cause your browser to lag or is really messy. Yes actually, i do find it quite messy with too many ponies. At first i put those ponies and found it too much, so i tried changing it. Though it didn't really work and i just didn't want to take away the pretty ponies because their just so interactive and cuute. 

I am actually a MLP fan, not so obsessed, but it's alright. My addiction actually began when my sister started watching it on youtube and i just was walking past and kept watching and watching until who knows when. 

Oh and i also feel like quiting mstar already. AND PLAYING LoL!  I used to play LoL until level 6 or 7 but i quit because i got bored of it. Now i wanna install it again though..bec…


Hiii there~

Sooo..lately school's been okay. Err, i guess my studies have improved quite a lot compared to the previous year and well and..yeah. :P Sorry i'm being so awkward here~ just bored and don't know what to blog about. Oh yes and recently-i think last friday, i had girl guides, in the morning i forgot and i realized i didn't cut my nails and they were too long. So i took the nail clipper and started cutting? When i cutcutcut until i reached my left index finger, the nail was really damn strong and the nail clipper twisted, AND PULLED MY NAIL OFF. It's recovering, but random pointy ends that were growing out was like hooking onto everywhere and it was really really annoying. I actually had to put a plaster over it to prevent it from coming off again. >.<

Oh yeah another thing, lately i don't know why, my room has been like flooding with ants. Okay, not really flooding, but like every five minutes i have at least one or two ants crawling on my compute…

My fault

Just now Aude sent me a msg saying she wants besties number. I didn't reply yet, until he started begging me. So this is how it went.
Aude: Wut sw no
Aude: oi
Aude: See alrd dw talk _|_
Aude: Please? Gimme her number?
Me: Why do you think I'm gonna give you her number? Why would you think I would? Why would I give my best friend's number to someone who almost BROKE our friendship, RUINED my uss bday celebration, and you still got guts to come and ask for her number?
Aude:  Ok whtver, you so 'hot tempered'
Aude: I didn't ruin your friendship
Aude: You ruin it urself
All of a sudden tears started dripping down and I realised I was crying, crying? No, not because he offended me. But because I was thinking; was I really ruining my own friendship? Was I really the culprit? Not him? If I was never alive would this happen? No. So apparently I was the one ruining my own friendship. If I weren't alive sw wouldn't have been hurt by aude before USS, and all this drama wou…


Hiii yesterday was so called ' high 5 day' created by the SC's the day before. Wow. What a great name for friday. <<isn't that cute? Anyways, yesterday we had 2 periods of PE and i saw my darling Kiwi (nickname siti and i made for my crush lor) twice. BLEHEHEH, i mean were in different classes ma ;P Then during girl guides we had like a shit ton of foot drills and my legs are aching right now. :<
ANNDDD IM JOINING MSTAR AGAIN. Yeah, actually necro has been using my account to send people letters and stuff so..apologies to anyone if she did. Lol.

Progress for talent show and stuff?

*Ps, there's actually a post about the talent show but there was an error so i deleted it. Anyways, here's the story if you missed out on the post. The CTSS talent show was coming up during the aspire camp and bestie and i wanted to participate and yeah.*

15 January.

Right now escie and I actually got through 1 minute of extensive and hardcore dancing that makes my thighs go WILLDD and she's probably gonna come over to my house to practice bc my mum actually allow la.Another thing is that my dad actually has really high blood pressure, he went to the doc. All these incidents and his hardcore drinking was the cause.
Wtf I was shopping for clothes with my sis for her tap performance and I saw this like 8 year old indian boy, digging under the girl mannequin's dress. Then I stared at him giving him the "WTF" face and he gave me that 'what your problem' look. Wth -.- Ohh cool, now he's touching the mannequin all over, wts

Lucid dreams

Do you lucid dream? Well basically it just means that you can tell you're dreaming and you can control it however you want. So last night I decided to try lucid dreaming and I was successful in my first attempt, it was literally what I would do in real life; uhh I could control it so,I guess it is in real life?
Anyways, there was this masked guy again that kidnapped me in a bag. So I had these really long fingernails and cut the bag open but the weird thing was that I had a bag of really,really huge durians in my hand and I took it out and swung it and killed everyone.That was just plain awesome

x country

Hi guys!

Right now I'm having muscle aches all over because of yesterday's hardcore running. XD sooo Yesterday my PE teacher just told us that were having cross country again.

I am literally OBSESSED with x country. I love running. Its like the second thing i love after literature. I never get tired of running. The feeling of cold wind blasting on your face is just so *^*
I may be quite slow but running makes me feel goood. It just feels like i'm riding the wind, especially when my legs go numb, lols. I just feel so light  This year were actually having it at chinese garden by the lakeside. Last year it was pandan resevoir and my blog wasn't actually created yet, so i didn't blog about it. And since i have some free time now, i'm gonna blog about escie and i's interesting adventure. :P

I actually have a class picture from last year about x country and here it is :

Try to spot me. Nahh better not; i look ridiculous. Wait is my head leaning on mel's vagay…

The new thigh gap?

Okay so lately there's this thing called the "bikini bridge" and if you don't know what that means, well basically its just that your tummy has to be really really flat and your underwear or something makes something like a bridge over it. Like a small gap between your tummy and panties. Im not really good at explaining so I suggest you go research for a 'clearer' explanation. :P
Anyways, its been trending for quite a while now and I somehow wonder who even makes up these kind of stuffs. I mean first its the thigh gap, now bikini bridge. It just makes 13 year olds like me feel awful about themselves.
If all this collar bone, thigh gap, hip bone, bikini bridge thingies never trended ill bet there would be a drastic decrease in anorexic people.
But yes, ill have to be very honest with you. I DO get envious of girls who have really skinny bodies and sometimes I would want to go on diet. Though every time I have money and I see food I can't control myself, and …


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person should shit twice a day.
Lol okay that up there, was totally unexpected. What i'm trying to say is, today was height and weight. Apparently if you read my previous posts escie and i went to eat buffet. And what a coincidence- height and weight. Kill me now =.=
My height-148
My height last month-149??!!!
Now on to my weight
Well, i'm not gonna mention my weight but that weighing scale said i gained 5kg. LIKE WHAT IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT MACHINE.

 And guess what, i haven't shitted after the buffet. Like i didn't shit for 2 days. I bet all that food is still jumbled up digesting somewhere in my tummy @@

Also i thought of changing my blogskin since the affielates box was too big for it, and if i removed it i wouldn't be able to link people until my next blogskin. There were soo many different blogskins but none of them seemed to meet my expectations, lol. Then i wanted to make my o…

Buffet with my sayang :3

Yesterday escie and I had another buffet. We finally did it properly and it was so awesome!! Though our hunger got over us and we forgot to take pictures ;b
Then we went to buy a new fantasy book lor :3 Its damn small but cute de it even got piggy in front eh :D
So obviously it was quite cheaaaaap. And right now I'm actually walking to school, lol I overslept and missed my bus. :P 7 22, and gonna be late. Ohh well, serves me right for sleeping at 8. XDI wonder if escie is gonna be late '_'
Ohh I reached schoolWaiting

>.< very very bad news

My recent blogposts have told you that well, i won't be using the computer that much. GOOD NEWS. I finally have my computer back. Well kind mum only gave it to me to do my online survey thingy. Bad news is, i had to uninstall mstar like RIGHT IN FRONT of my mum. Like I said my mum ain't stewwppeeeeed. ;P
SO LIKE 5 MONTHS, $400 ON MSTAR ALL WASTED. My life is like ruined right now. Lol when I uninstalled it my eyes were literally tearing up and my voice was all shaky and I felt like my heart was being shattered. Well I guess that's the hard problems you gotta deal with to be a computer addict :b
Though that was all really saddening to me, i decided on something. And i made up my mind.
I don't want to play anymore. I'm not playing anymore. I've gotta discipline myself. If i want to become a professor in lit then that's what i'm gonna do. Its time for hardcore studying. I need to at least do well in the first half of the year.
Well then, tim…


So right now i'm at the public library with my dear escie, and yesterday i heard about her leaving this school and moving house thingy. Therefore we decided to make a list of memorable things to do before she leave. This is what we came up with; and it's in our fantasy book.

Memorable things to do before escie leaves
Ice skating 
Another buffet ><
Watch another movie
Go lan agn
Okay i know these stuffs are what normal friends do but were seriously clueless. I mean we've done everything and hopefully we can go overseas tgt >.< Probably we would come up with more but idk.. :P
Also our fantasy book is almost out of pages and we gotta buy a new one..but i don't think the whole book will last until mid year. Aiya ;p|
I don't have much to update now..soo byeee :>


Hullo there
fellow readers,This is gonna be a really long post about me complaining so if you don't want to see this long winded post I suggest you don't. :)
Now on to topic, I haven't been blogging very often now have I? That was because
1. I'm grounded
2. My laptop got confiscated :/
3. My phone has been confiscated for quite a while now
4. My blogger mobile app rarely works, though now it does-and apparently I'm blogging on mobileOhh and happy new year everyone, tomorrow is 2nd January and school is starting. A LOT has happenned in the holidays this year-2013 I mean. Like when I went USS with my darling escie, ily la muah :* That was a really good thing, more like a dream come true.
While my best friendship and family also almost got torn up, by two different people, was a bad thing indeed. In fact I had to go through a few days of depression for the family one. Ahahaha, and another bad thing is that now I can't play mstar anymore. I can't even install…