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Happy CNY!

Today is Chinese New Year Eve and in school there was this celebration and school ended at 10 30.
It's Happening Hi Res

Yes and i'm actually pretty stoked about this sorry.
So how's your CNY eve like? I would be more than happy to hear your stories which you obviously wouldn't be bothered to tell me. image Anyways.. I just ate reunion dinner and well i am so bloated with coke and soup and lots and lots of water image
On to topic, the school celebration wasn't really much of a big deal so lets just skip to after school. Bestie and i actually planned to go to bugis street to get some last minute CNY clothing and maybe for our performance. Soo we chiong to mrt station and went to bugis but unfortunately, it was still like around 11am and most of the shops weren't open yet. image

Plus bestie had to reach home at like 1 30 for her family's celebration or something. So like immediately we went to orchard and surprisingly we didn't get lost. It really was my first time going to orchard with my friends. Yes, really. We didn't go to ION obviously because over there confirm is al the expensive branded stuff one la. We went to far east plaza instead. image Far east doesn't really have much unlike bugis where they sell a variety of clothing and over at bugis is much, much more cheaper. Far east has some pretty nice clothes too, but not many nice ones. Over at far east we also saw this dress that i wanted to buy with bestie for the performace but it was like $26 and at bugis is was $10. Really unfair huh?image

Then we ended up rushing to bugis again to see if there were more nicer clothes with different patterns and colours.. And surprisingly we actually saw erm whats her name, Stephanie Koh i guess. The girl who made the video that went viral about her voicing her opinions about Singapore.
Ahh yes, so we went to bugis and i saw an almost similar dress to the one at far east plaza and it was $10, and who wouldn't buy something that you could get half the price for? This is actually how it looks like.

Pink, spaghetti striped dress. Just how i like it. At least it's not those kind of common button down dresses that i have.

Then we went looking for shoes also for our performance and for my sake of always having to wear the same old high heeled flip flops everywhere i go. We saw pairs of really colourful sneakers and there was just one pair that really stood out from the rest and i just HAD to get it. When i bought it the uncle was really nice too! He gave me free pink shoelaces. :P

Pastel colours; blue and pink with a ribbon in the middle that adds just that cute touch to it. image
If you noticed i actually mixed up the shoelaces a little, hot pink and white shoelaces. Haha i'm so lame. Sorry about my feet, i just had to show you how sexy my toes were. And sorry for my ugly photography skills. I should really take up photography class. Nah, i got better things to do than taking photos. image


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