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~Life decisions maybe~


If you noticed, i've made some changes to my blog like changing the blogskin, the thing for my description to move, and yeah. Ponies. I'm not sure if you can see it in your browser but in google chrome it works just fine. Also i'm really sorry if the ponies cause your browser to lag or is really messy. Yes actually, i do find it quite messy with too many ponies. At first i put those ponies and found it too much, so i tried changing it. Though it didn't really work and i just didn't want to take away the pretty ponies because their just so interactive and cuute. image

I am actually a MLP fan, not so obsessed, but it's alright. My addiction actually began when my sister started watching it on youtube and i just was walking past and kept watching and watching until who knows when. image

Oh and i also feel like quiting mstar already. AND PLAYING LoL! image I used to play LoL until level 6 or 7 but i quit because i got bored of it. Now i wanna install it again though..because of the new champion Jinx. When i saw the login screen music when she came out in September i was damn addicted but i didn't get to install it yet. Yet i'm still in a dilemma if i should quit mstar or not.. I mean i've spent loads of time, money, sweat, electricity playing mstar.

Time: Close to 6 months

Money: $460

Sweat: Well nah i don't sweat while playing :>

Electricity: Hmmm..another part of money i guess?

Don't you get the feeling where you gotta let something so dear to you that you just spend 3 hours thinking about the pros and cons of letting it go and NOT letting it go?

 I can't, really can't let go of my turquoise, topaz, heavenly and premium plants..unlimited clothing..197 crew members to take charge of.. reaching level 43..

I Give Up

Might as well list out the pros and cons here


  •  Focusing more on studies
  • No more urge to spend money
  • My future job won't be at stake
  • Waste of money
  • Waste of time
  • Waste of electricity
  • Missing one of the most important things of my life
I know i'm exaggerating about the cons part and obviously i would purposely put more to the cons than the pros but i mean, it's so hard to LET IT GO, LET IT GOO xD

I'll end of here.


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