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My fault

Just now Aude sent me a msg saying she wants besties number. I didn't reply yet, until he started begging me. So this is how it went.
Aude: Wut sw no
Aude: oi
Aude: See alrd dw talk _|_
Aude: Please? Gimme her number?
Me: Why do you think I'm gonna give you her number? Why would you think I would? Why would I give my best friend's number to someone who almost BROKE our friendship, RUINED my uss bday celebration, and you still got guts to come and ask for her number?
Aude:  Ok whtver, you so 'hot tempered'
Aude: I didn't ruin your friendship
Aude: You ruin it urself
All of a sudden tears started dripping down and I realised I was crying, crying? No, not because he offended me. But because I was thinking; was I really ruining my own friendship? Was I really the culprit? Not him? If I was never alive would this happen? No. So apparently I was the one ruining my own friendship. If I weren't alive sw wouldn't have been hurt by aude before USS, and all this drama wouldn't have happenned.
Aude: Idgaf :) _|_

I'm blaming myself for all this?
Ohh yeah, right you are, it was time for sweet sweet revenge. No matter how guilty I felt, ill admit I can be pretty sensitive. But whenever someone makes me cry, they get a piece of how I felt. Yup. I started raging. Then I felt more powerful, and I realised he was just pretending to be all vulgar. Unlike last time, he wasn't acting cute anymore until I pointed it out that he was faking everything.
All the vulgar words he says makes laugh, seriously. Its all phrased wrongly and doesn't even make sense. I was kind of like him last time though, but I've found my way of raging at people.

All that ends well?


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