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The new thigh gap?

Okay so lately there's this thing called the "bikini bridge" and if you don't know what that means, well basically its just that your tummy has to be really really flat and your underwear or something makes something like a bridge over it. Like a small gap between your tummy and panties. Im not really good at explaining so I suggest you go research for a 'clearer' explanation. :P

Anyways, its been trending for quite a while now and I somehow wonder who even makes up these kind of stuffs. I mean first its the thigh gap, now bikini bridge. It just makes 13 year olds like me feel awful about themselves.

If all this collar bone, thigh gap, hip bone, bikini bridge thingies never trended ill bet there would be a drastic decrease in anorexic people.
But yes, ill have to be very honest with you. I DO get envious of girls who have really skinny bodies and sometimes I would want to go on diet. Though every time I have money and I see food I can't control myself, and I just don't care for that period of time. Actually im not so skinny obsessed but I do want to have a body that's much skinnier than what I have now. Lols


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