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x country

Hi guys!

Right now I'm having muscle aches all over because of yesterday's hardcore running. XD sooo Yesterday my PE teacher just told us that were having cross country again.
I am literally OBSESSED with x country. I love running. Its like the second thing i love after literature. I never get tired of running. The feeling of cold wind blasting on your face is just so *^*
I may be quite slow but running makes me feel goood. It just feels like i'm riding the wind, especially when my legs go numb, lols. I just feel so lightimage  This year were actually having it at chinese garden by the lakeside. Last year it was pandan resevoir and my blog wasn't actually created yet, so i didn't blog about it. And since i have some free time now, i'm gonna blog about escie and i's interesting adventure. :P

I actually have a class picture from last year about x country and here it is :

Try to spot me. Nahh better not; i look ridiculous. Wait is my head leaning on mel's vagaygay?
Bahaha. Oh hey look, iv'e grown fatter since August .-.
Anyways, i got ready early and actually took the taxi there with bestf and mel. We didn't actually do much; it was like 6km and we were just jogging, listening to music singing; and me? Butt bumping people to make way for me to be in the center of the track. image Yeah i'm just THAT awesome. Then after x country was the exciting part. We didn't know how to get back to clementi and we decided to just take a nice walk around..and we found a PLAYGROUD. YAY. Lol we had like so much fun there, it was like i was a little kid again. Then it reached 3 o' clock. And the x country actually ended around 12.. So we tried finding the nearest bus stop that could take us back to clementi. 1st bus stop; no clementi interchange, 2nd bus stop; nope, 3rd bus stop; we got fed up. So we saw a double deck bus and just had a joy ride for fun image

We dropped off at Pasir Panjang, and we were clueless. Well in the end we decided to take a taxi back and the driver was nice, but a pedo. Like seriously. Asking where was our school, how old, and stuff like that. Buuut he gave us like idk a 20 cent discout or something? Clementi wasn't very far from there anyways. Then after that so called adventure, breaking my curfew, we decided to eat. xD
Then we went home blahblahblah Ohh also, I think I'm adding something else for my new years resolution. Im signing up for that gym membership I have always tried but lazy to get, but im finally gonna get dem' abs. i'm lazy to blog now. Time for more bubz videosss


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