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Okay this is not exactly what my teacher said but i summarised it blah.

 She said "Your Aspire camp groupings will be with more of your batch mates" When i asked her what was camp going to be like.

I thought.. "Oh well fuck, be prepared to be a smallass loner baby".

From then on until the first day onwards, i dreaded each day that was closer to camp.

I dreaded packing for camp, in fact i was so grumpy i was tearing on the last day. I just didn't want to go for camp that much.
Fast forward a few days, and turns out my accusation of camp being boring, tiring, too much for me, was a total opposite. Fine, to those that know me well should know, and yes, maybe the high elements were a bit too much for me since i have a fear of heights. Though overall it was okay.

Now let's start from the first day.

I went to school in my PE shirt, pink long pants and my really, really big camping bags. After everyone settled down we took the bus with our classes, which was actually on…


Just an update from the previous week... I'll start with literally the most embarrassing thing that happened to me.

There was this guy, I'm not gonna say his name here just in case someone reads my blog and knows who he is. Well... he actually headbutted my boob; if you know what that means-his head bumped into my boob.

We were literally walking past each other and he bent down for what reason so called for and well we bumped. His head was right in between them excuse me.

P.S. : i know all these emoticons don't even make sense with what I'm typing but it's cute and i can't resist cute stuff without it being used soo.. yeah

Oh yes and i forgot, yesterday was total defence day and those in UG had to wear full uniform and that kinda sucked for me. First during PE since it was too troublesome to change into PE and back so our PE teacher made us march two rounds around the field. 

Man how that sucked.

Our black boots were polished, cleaned and only bought two days a…


Recently i haven't been sleeping well because i'm so stressed about all the tests i'm gonna have next thursday.

English, math, chinese. Their all on the same day gosh. How am i going to survive now huh? Eye bags, EYE BAGS EVERYWHERE. My eye bags haven't gotten any heavier ever since last tuesday, lol.

I've tried every single home remedy to cure those damned panda eyes and it only worked, temporarily. I even tried sleeping at 8 last night. I don't have trouble sleeping, just that i'm worried about failing my tests.

Also, my middle finger is swollen. Don't know how, don't know why. Like the skin around it is all like ew, just ew. Maybe it's just because of my overusing of the middle finger.


It itches so bad, i woke up biting my finger.

Next friday is Total Defence day in SG, and i need to be fully uniformed for girl guides on that day, for the whole day. Plus i have PE for the first two periods and it takes like 30 min…


This is once again another confusing topic I'm writing about that would make you think, like really think. Its not really about existential crisis again like in one of my other posts, this is the link though if you want to read it

Anyways, on to my topic. Have you ever though why time passes so fast? Like tomorrow could be considered the future and that yesterday was already the past? No matter how bored you were 2 years ago, you still passed it. You got through that boredom.

 Look at it this way, its already 2014. In SG, at my age, 14, in 2012 we had PSLE.

 It was already almost 2 years passing that scary big exam that our whole life depended on. That exam that was going to be how people were going to judge you in the future. Enough of that introduction, I'm here to talk about how much I can't accept the fact that I'm in sec 2. Its already february! I could still remember my first day of sec 2 in january, my first day in sec 1, and all that crap that happened in the p…


Lols CNY holiday is over >.< and i still haven't gotten any homework done. Blehh. I also dk wht homework. Camwhoring ystd x3

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and GAAYYY



Like what the title said above, yes, i'm talking about revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. First few questions for you.
What are your personal opinions about revenge?

 Do you encourage revenge?

 Do you hate revenge?

 Well i know that at least once in a lifetime we will hate on someone, might it be jealousy? Hate? Or no specific reason at all?

Revenge comes in many forms, verbal assault, physical assault, or in whatever way you choose. I'm not here to tell you that if you hate on someone you should revenge him/her or not. It's your choice whatsoever. :P

 Anyways, on to my topic..
Recently there was someone i really really hated, and i actually revenged him like five minutes ago. Lols. Though i don't think it was a very big kind of revenge? I just had some free time and i was like "Ugh, who gives a damn about him" So i did. And, hey, i'm a nice person. (maybe not) I don't go around revenging people and getting away with it y'know. Emphasis on that, just so y…