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Okay this is not exactly what my teacher said but i summarised it blah.

 She said "Your Aspire camp groupings will be with more of your batch mates" When i asked her what was camp going to be like.

I thought.. "Oh well fuck, be prepared to be a smallass loner baby".

From then on until the first day onwards, i dreaded each day that was closer to camp.

I dreaded packing for camp, in fact i was so grumpy i was tearing on the last day. I just didn't want to go for camp that much.
Fast forward a few days, and turns out my accusation of camp being boring, tiring, too much for me, was a total opposite. Fine, to those that know me well should know, and yes, maybe the high elements were a bit too much for me since i have a fear of heights. Though overall it was okay.

Now let's start from the first day.

I went to school in my PE shirt, pink long pants and my really, really big camping bags. After everyone settled down we took the bus with our classes, which was actually one of the things i was excited for at first. Because i got to sit with necro obviously and that was before going to the campsite. They told us we had to get in our groupings for camp and luckily, i had Nadiah with me. I guess that was better than having no one you know, right?

Necro and i chatted and chatted until we reached the campsite. We got into our groupings and i saw everyone and i was like "Jeez, i don't know anyone else except for Nadiah"

After a while we started interacting.

In one of my posts, i said my New Years resolution was to make no new friends, and trust no one.
Well obviously no one can go though life without making friends, unless you avoid everyone i guess.

Okay okay enough of that long winded detailed stuffs. We went to our dorms and stuff.

Then we went to do the high elements.

It was scary, like damn scary. I kind of experienced these stuffs in primary school but i was too scared i cried; i know >.>
no judge.

As i had a fear of heights, i went through the day with a big big grudge in my heart. I hated it. Until at night where my friends and i got to just relax and sleeeeeep. Haha..

Then the second day was literally the best ever. We had low elements, rafting, kayaking..and CAMPFIREEE

The low elements were fun and stuff but not fun enough to be worth describing. MOVING ON

Now the rafting and kayaking were my favourites.

Rafting was pretty much what we usually do in girl guides apart from foot drills and modules. Except it was much, much bigger and heavier. 

Kayaking was so fun lols. I was so bad at it though, i didn't pay attention at all. Well because i had my period and my instructor told me to stand up just in case the blood leaked out after rafting and wetting my pants in the sea water. Then i was thinking of something else..:P

Then we changed partners and when we were going to get off the kayak my instructor capsized the boat purposely.

Hmm that was pretty much what we did all day until the campfire.
Campfire was also soo fun, my friends and i were dancing all around like we were drunk, lols.

That was pretty much it for the second day, though actually i should have described much more but hey, i just came back, gotta settle down at home and unpack ma?

Then today, we had the heritage trail and went outside the campsite to clear rubbish from the beach and stuff weelll..

And here i am.

Byebye :3



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