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Just an update from the previous week... I'll start with literally the most embarrassing thing that happened to me.

There was this guy, I'm not gonna say his name here just in case someone reads my blog and knows who he is. Well... he actually headbutted my boob; if you know what that means-his head bumped into my boob.

We were literally walking past each other and he bent down for what reason so called for and well we bumped. His head was right in between them excuse me.

P.S. : i know all these emoticons don't even make sense with what I'm typing but it's cute and i can't resist cute stuff without it being used soo.. yeah

Oh yes and i forgot, yesterday was total defence day and those in UG had to wear full uniform and that kinda sucked for me. First during PE since it was too troublesome to change into PE and back so our PE teacher made us march two rounds around the field. 

Man how that sucked.

Our black boots were polished, cleaned and only bought two days ago, and you know how it feels wearing new shoes huh? I got blisters on both feet on my heels and still had to wear the boots for the whole day until CCA

Also it was valentines day.

Necro didn't come >.>


looping (つ ◕‿‿◕ )つ
by Sound-of-Mysterywell on to my other topicraspberryslime:

looping (つ ◕‿‿◕ )つ
by Sound-of-Mystery

Valentines Day, or should i say, Loner's day

As many know Valentines day is a very special day for you to confess or express your feelings for someone, be it you're dating or not..

Well as my dear necro was not here, i had to spend Valentines day alone. It's sad how us single loners don't have anyone for our Valentines..They should really invent something for single people. Like really, do you know how awkward it is when everyone you see has a valentine and you're alone? So i spent my Valentines watching MLP.

And suffering.

Monday i have close to three hours of rehearsal for World Thinking day with the scouts, you got that right, footdrills. Then the real thing is supposed to be on Wednesday, one day of practicing. Just ugh, plus i think i gotta wear full u again on Wednesday..

I know i'm annoying, but i'm really trying to squeeze all my plans for my future blogposts into one because my blogsposts are usually very short soo

Have you ever had this friend, a really, really close friend you've known for years? Might it be over 10 years or less than that, definitely all of us have had a friend that you were really close to but ended up splitting apart.

I have actually mentioned her name in one of my really old posts but i think most of you just won't give a damn.. so anyways, i knew this friend for close to seven years. We rarely quarrelled and the quarrelling wasn't the reason of why we so called split. It was changing schools, and that i changed. From being in an all girls school to a coed/mixed school, of course i had to adapt. Girls and boys are different; obviously. In a girls school i had to admit i didn't give a damn about how i looked but ever since i moved to my new school i became more self conscious and every little flaw i had were all obsessed over. Which was totally unnecessary if i went to an all girls school instead.

We just didn't talk anymore.

Okay maybe we did have a few really short conversations like what normal friends would but it was very, very rare.

Like it would just be a simple "Hi" or something interesting we thought we should know but after commenting our opinions on it we would just stop texting when it became awkward.

Now after close to six months of not talking to each other every single time i feel lonely i just have this urge to contact her but the only thing that bothers me is that it became really awkward between us since we don't see each other everyday unlike my current best friends, my schoolmates. So every time i had that urge to text her i feel like I'm annoying and I'm just bothering her. I'm sure we have all felt this way be it your crush, or whoever.

That feeling sucks, doesn't it? image

imageimageimageWait! Don't go, there's more!imageimageimage

I'm once again going to complain about a certain someone; but no names will be mentioned here.

There's this girl in my class that everyone hates, well because she's annoying, she shrieks at everything, teacher's pet, and so on.

I'll have to be honest here okay? I don't like her too. I don't hate, she can be nice but really overwhelming at times.

Example, once she was in my group for a project, and she wanted to do everything. Well of course she didn't do EVERYTHING, but most of it, because she said the rest of the group just weren't "good enough". I got really pissed about it and in the end you know what happened? She told the teacher she was the one doing all the work and we did NOTHING.

She would just complain and complain and complain, happens with other groups when she's inside too.
Well recently at the start of this year I'll have to say she changed, but not completely though. She just stopped handing in homework sometimes, not paying attention and the thing that really makes me just disgusted is that she started being really, really attention seeking.
Lemme just point some of them out.
  • Once in class she used a pen and wrote on her hand " SELF HARM> ME"
  • Then again in class she started using mechanical pencils and scissors to cut herself
  • When a teacher saw she would pretend to continue for a few seconds and when the teacher actually went up to her she was just like " Oh nothing, I'm not doing anything wrong"
  • When people would ask her she would be hinting them that she's in depression or something which is really gl, imho.
  • On our first drama lesson we were doing this practise play "The silly little girl and the funny old tree" and i got the role of the little girl, then she started complaining and giving everyone the puppy eyes and then she said if she didn't get the role she would cry.

Now i didn't pity her. No one did. No one took her side. Because everyone hated her. I know I'm being really mean here and all of you would judge me but I'm being honest. No one cared if she cut herself, or cried, but we were only giving her the role just because if she cried we would get in trouble now wouldn't we?

In fact we all knew she was just desperate for attention. I'll list some reasons out here
  • Why must she cut in public?
  • People just don't say their physically harming themselves to others
  • If she didn't want people to know why she was cutting, why do it in front of everyone?

Now looking back to my post about insecurities, was she insecure about her looks about why she was cutting? Was she just desperate, lets say, no one give her any attention? Well it just doesn't make sense y'know.

No one cuts themselves in public, okay. If she wanna cut do it privately. Not that I'm encouraging that whatsoever. It's always best not to cut but if she's just desperate for attention i just don't give a shit about it. No offence to those who do though, i just especially don't like this girl


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