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Like what the title said above, yes, i'm talking about revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. First few questions for you.
What are your personal opinions about revenge?

 Do you encourage revenge?

 Do you hate revenge?

 Well i know that at least once in a lifetime we will hate on someone, might it be jealousy? Hate? Or no specific reason at all?

Revenge comes in many forms, verbal assault, physical assault, or in whatever way you choose. I'm not here to tell you that if you hate on someone you should revenge him/her or not. It's your choice whatsoever. :P

 Anyways, on to my topic..
Recently there was someone i really really hated, and i actually revenged him like five minutes ago. Lols. Though i don't think it was a very big kind of revenge? I just had some free time and i was like "Ugh, who gives a damn about him" So i did. And, hey, i'm a nice person. (maybe not) I don't go around revenging people and getting away with it y'know. Emphasis on that, just so you know. We don't normally get away with revenge. Usually the person will plan another revenge for you, or if you're lucky that you targeted a nice person, maybe not! Though after revenging someone i always end up feeling really really guilty about it because i don't do such things >.< At most it's probably verbal bullying but other than that nope.

Though I guess sometimes it's worth it having someone taste your own medicine..
Anyways, forget about this topic, I have a really funny video that really cracked me up. It's so funny i don't think i ever laughed so hard until i got a headache! Most people that know me well should know that i laugh like everyday and i just can't get through a day without laughing, I'm just that happy-go-lucky little girl i guess!

Here it is! :)


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