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This is once again another confusing topic I'm writing about that would make you think, like really think. Its not really about existential crisis again like in one of my other posts, this is the link though if you want to read it

Anyways, on to my topic. Have you ever though why time passes so fast? Like tomorrow could be considered the future and that yesterday was already the past? No matter how bored you were 2 years ago, you still passed it. You got through that boredom.

 Look at it this way, its already 2014. In SG, at my age, 14, in 2012 we had PSLE.

 It was already almost 2 years passing that scary big exam that our whole life depended on. That exam that was going to be how people were going to judge you in the future. Enough of that introduction, I'm here to talk about how much I can't accept the fact that I'm in sec 2. Its already february! I could still remember my first day of sec 2 in january, my first day in sec 1, and all that crap that happened in the past year.

 I can still remember aspire camp, I can remember a whole lot of things.

I really don't know about you, but in p1-p6 it just wasn't such a big deal to me. You were a kid and a kid to others, while in sec 1 I was already expected to be a mature young adult (which I'm not) and its just such a big gap, in such little time. P6-sec 1, just a year between each other. Yet that transition, from a little kid to a young adult. It was just too little time for me to accept it. Its so hard to accept that the future was so fast.

I should be living ahead for my future, not dreading over my past. All this future stuff just makes me lead into utter sadness, not that sadness where you lost your favourite toy; but that sadness where you just can't describe it. It just makes you think about it over and over again. Good things or bad things, its just HARD.

So what necro actually suggested I do was to plan something exciting. An event not to close, yet not to far, maybe a month away would be good. It was so I could just look ahead and maybe I wouldn't live for my past anymore. But tbh if I were given the chance to go back in my past and experience all the bad things that happened, I would, really. Because #YOLUO. Haha.. no joke. This is serious.

Maybe I would try that as an option after dreading my past and getting rid of this stupid mindset.
Ohh yes and let me give you a test, its not really related to this topic but it's just for fun to let you relax your mind after thinking about this.

Close your eyes, and focus. Whatever I say, imagine it. Okay.. Apple. What comes up? For me its a drawing of a big red apple with a green leaf on the top.. which means you're a picture learner. You learn things faster by pictures. If it comes up as a word, I guess its your memory that's better idk lols.

Now for topic 2.. haha what happened in school today. I forgot to bring PE shirt and had to do punishment >.<

Then during PE I fell down seeeee pity me :<

Haha nevermind its not much of a big deal anyways.



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