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I was just browsing on Facebook for a while, and came across this post shared by a friend of mine.
Well at first when i clicked on the link, the layout was actually quite interesting. It was supposed to be a ghost story in a kind of whatsapp layout. Like reading a conversation between two people, on the computer.

It actually requires you to press enter, or a button they provided you to click on, to display the next message. But it's pretty cool.

It was supposed to be a ghost story, eh?

The first few messages wasn't very scary but I'm currently halfway through it. And i have to admit, I'm only halfway and this is legit-ly horrifying.

I'm one of those people that experienced WAY too many jumpscares and just can't handle any "hardcore horror", so at times i would open another tab and do something more fun, and while i'm reading it i would cover my eyes with my palm. To prevent any jumpscares. :P


*NeCROMeOW Announcement*

-update 8/2/2015-
wdf was i doing?

Just a while ago, i stepped down from being master in NeCROMeOW. I didn't hate my crew, no i didn't. I loved my crew. That crew was one of the most important things to me in life( okay i know it's a little dramatic) but, i mean like i named almost everything NeCROMeOW and it was just so damn important to me.
I quit because i haven't been recruiting any members recently and like 190 people from my crew are MIA, or rarely active. And since i made this crew like in the beginning when mstar just started, most people quit already. So i felt like even though my avatar is still in one of the rankings, i felt like my crew was TOTALLY pulling me down.

I wanted to join a better crew, with y'know a better reputation, and high crew level.

Fortunately, i passed down master to my sub account, and right after stepping down i felt SO SO SO heartbroken like part of my online heart was torn apart ,.-.,

Anyways, obviously i couldn'…


Hi guys!! Erm so i just got nominated for best layout so please vote for me! The link is in the badge up~up~above~~


I know this is a bit too early for a new post since i just blogged yesterday but i have a lot to share right now lols.

Did you see my new blog template? I updated everything and i was thinking of changing my favicon which i used since i started blogging and i also changed my blog song. It's actually called I Don't Know by Fiestar. I actually found it on Mstar, it was a new song. So cute right?! I saw the MV and well, what'd you expect from a century with such a strong sex appeal? Lol you should watch it, it's really cute, ridiculous and a bit explicit at the same time.
The blog layout is one of my favourite ones since it's pink, and has everything i need. Like the wish list, a major thing that every blogger should have. An alphabetical affies list! >.< I've been trying for months just to get the code to put on my blog and finally found one.

Today we celebrated World Water Day in Singapore. It was a major blast, like there were also so many girl gui…

Weird thing

Apparently this is going to be a really really weird guide i'm about to post but it's only for some people's sake.

Anyways, a lot of people have been asking how i fit like three earsticks into my hole; ear hole, excuse me. So this is actually really stupid but i decided to post it anyways.

Just a brief intro of what ear sticks are, their just plain plastic sticks that you use as a substitute for earrings. Like.. some people may have allergies to those earrings that are like silver or gold. Well i'm actually one of those pathetic people. No offence to anyone though. Yea so they actually come in a variety of colours that you can find at like erm those tiny shops below HDB flats or somewhere lol idek. OH YES there is this shop at lot one called Aries that i actually bought ear sticks from last time when i was with a friend.

I guess now you practically know what ear sticks are so lets move on ^^

How to wear it?
*If any of this goes wrong i shall not be responsible for any inju…


Haha well im back from my girl guides camp.
It was..not bad, better than last year, but could use more improvements.
Let me just tell you how was the camp.

First day
That kinda sucked.
I had to bring my school bag, camping bag, and another bag for my whatever outdoor cooking stuffs.
Now i'm just gonna skip the stuff that happened in school and go straight to 1 25. We put our school bags in a classroom and just boarded the bus. It was so upsetting that the whole company had to be split up and we couldn't sit with whomever we liked, and instead we had to sit with someone from our guides patrol.
Well it was a good thing Janice was one of my good friends because if she weren't, well we'd still had to sit together, lol. Blahblahblah the bus trip went well and they actually gave us bread on the bus. Raisin bread. Ew i hate that.

 Most of my friends know i'm not fussy when it comes to food and i'm basically their food dustbin, but i hate raisins. Their just so ew. I me…


Well hello there. I haven't been blogging for quite a while as i still wasn't able to use the computer until now. Actually i have made some posts like my back from camp 2 post that i'm halfway done on mobile, but lazy to continue so i'm gonna publish them now, and fyi the dates aren't gonna be on the exact dates of the posts.

Camp again

Hello everyone ^^I haven't been blogging for a while after camp because well my computer was being confiscated since my schoolwork was not very good recently. Though it was nice to actually take a short break from blogging after three days of camp.Also, im having a girl guides camp this coming Friday. On such short notice again just like aspire camp. I guess it won't take long to get used to since im gonna have many many camps this year, and personally girl guides camps are way more fun than normal school camps. Because we start everything all from scratch, not exactly, but you get the point.As most of you in UG CCAs know that during UG camps we don't have bunks for us to sleep on like in school camp but we have to pitch tents, baggage racks, clothes hangers, all from wooden poles that we bring, of course.We have outdoor cooking, all that fun outdoor stuff. But last year's camp wasn't very fun as the place has a lot of ants and I got like more than 50 bites, and ev…