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Weird thing

Apparently this is going to be a really really weird guide i'm about to post but it's only for some people's sake.

Anyways, a lot of people have been asking how i fit like three earsticks into my hole; ear hole, excuse me. So this is actually really stupid but i decided to post it anyways.

Just a brief intro of what ear sticks are, their just plain plastic sticks that you use as a substitute for earrings. Like.. some people may have allergies to those earrings that are like silver or gold. Well i'm actually one of those pathetic people. No offence to anyone though. Yea so they actually come in a variety of colours that you can find at like erm those tiny shops below HDB flats or somewhere lol idek. OH YES there is this shop at lot one called Aries that i actually bought ear sticks from last time when i was with a friend.

I guess now you practically know what ear sticks are so lets move on ^^

How to wear it?
*If any of this goes wrong i shall not be responsible for any injuries*
You just wear it like earrings.. after you have your ear pierced obviously ^^  But for those who JUST got their ears pierced then i suggest to wear the proper earrings bought from an earring store. Actually for me, i have a very specific way of using earrings. Nah it's actually really important and some people usually skip it so yea.

First i actually clean my ear hole with soap and water, just to make sure there is no dirt. Then i use this really hot oil thingy that my family calls it hong you idk why though. It had menthol crystals and all the long medicine names i'm just too lazy to type. Basically it's just a Chinese oil la. You know the amma ah gong wear one.

So i just use it and rub it all around my ear hole and inside just to disinfect the ear hole to prevent any infections. Also, it helps the ear stick to slip in easier.

Then i do the same steps for my ear sticks. Clean, disinfect, clean, disinfect. Clean freak i know don't mind me. That actually helps the ear sticks to put it better and easier. For those who's ear hole is like damn big just like mine, and can fit in much more than three ear sticks, you don't even need to read this lol.

And for those who really can't fit in more than one ear stick, it's just the same thing except much much more painful ^^
Haha too much sarcasm there.
Basically you just put in one ear stick first, don't forget to clean and disinfect. Use olive oil if you have some too then the ear sticks will fit in easier. Just put one, lube your ear hole, wait a while for your ear hole to get used to it, another ear stick and wait, lube, and put in the other one. Sure it can be painful for a period of time and might be really tight before you get used to it. But once you do get used to it it'll be allllrriiigghhhttt.

For the people that think wearing too many ear sticks is very, lol idk and feel free to judge me, but

Life rule.

Thanksss ^^


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