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I know this is a bit too early for a new post since i just blogged yesterday but i have a lot to share right now lols.

Did you see my new blog template? I updated everything and i was thinking of changing my favicon which i used since i started blogging and i also changed my blog song. It's actually called I Don't Know by Fiestar. I actually found it on Mstar, it was a new song. So cute right?! I saw the MV and well, what'd you expect from a century with such a strong sex appeal? Lol you should watch it, it's really cute, ridiculous and a bit explicit at the same time.
The blog layout is one of my favourite ones since it's pink, and has everything i need. Like the wish list, a major thing that every blogger should have. An alphabetical affies list! >.< I've been trying for months just to get the code to put on my blog and finally found one.

Today we celebrated World Water Day in Singapore. It was a major blast, like there were also so many girl guides there. Mostly were girl guides and brownies though. The whole girl guide cohort was supposed to come, but since they gave the form like last month, most of them forgot or had something on. Like the Sec fours and fives had their aspire camps and the rest just either skipped or forgot. And only ten people arrived.
Owl Facepalm

But overall it was quite fun. In the bus, there were only us ten guides + two guiders and therefore Siti and i were singing our hearts out, sorta. Then we reached and had to watch this performance stuffs by the WWD people and you know when there is a celebration like WWD they will give you a goodie bag thing? Well since we had only ten people we got two of the bags each! Then blahblah...conserving water...saving water...blahblah..

And the exciting part was since we were sitting there for a long period of time like idk two hours? Ms Chim and Mrs Fong allowed us to go checkout the different booths and she bought us ice cream. :D

Then there was this thing called the USC and idk what it stood for but we went up and were camwhoring and stuff( i'll show the pics at the end)

There was Water Wally and it was those kind of big floating balloons thingy and my juniors, Siti, Ting Ting and i were like grabbing it and letting it go and just playing with it y'know?
It was soooo fun and after everything, since we only had ten people we had to share a bus with NanHua Sec. Then Siti and i went to lepak at Mac and we just ate and talked..yep
RIGHT and there was this guy giving out roses and talking about some stuff helping mankind whatever.

Thats about it.
These are the pics


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