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Awkward camwhoring

Yeah acting cute tipsy wipsy :#


Yeah im split into half

OOO i love this one

I'm a squirrel

Nah maybe a rabbit

More awkward camwhoring

How do you like that Cathy

I love lamps


*at the dentist*

Ahhh so pedo looking


Nice jumpshot, don't ya think?



Pedo tunnel coming your way

Black and white is like the best thing ever
To end off this post with a magnificent pose

Star Project and Cafe Rouge!

Y'know just now i was stalking my old blog posts, looking at my first ever post and i just realised all the pics i posted which i thought was nice last time, feels like shyt now. Lol. Then again i remembered i had this post where i said i was gonna do this blog monthsary thing on the 24th of every month, which is when i actually started blogging.

And then i found this post where i was raging and calling this guy a paikia and to stop acting big, and i just realised how stupid i sound, and even though its been like only a few months ago..

Then i saw all these stupid one-sentence-short-kind-of-posts and i was just like, DEEEELEEEETTEEEE OHHH HOLY WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING.

Remember last year; or was it the beginning of this year, sw and i wanted to post a Q&A video here (not thru youtube, the blog itself only) and there was always an error with the hyperlinks and fitting the video in. Like some stuff from my template might get deleted out or idk why though. So after so many error fa…

Awkward-est post ever

I haven't had much to blog about lately, since everything's been kinda boring..
School's the same, life is just basically repeating itself over and over again. I hardly hangout with my friends anymore, (excluding after school) since exams are coming up and my mum won't probably allow me to get out of the house anymore. Lol

Aish, even right now i'm just sitting on my spinning chair just pondering about what to post about. I NEED SOME INSPIRATION┌U・ェ・U┘

Someone bring me go shopping please 

Well i'm just so bored.

Let us dance

Ballroom dancing or jazz?

Awkward-est post ever.

But actually i do have something to post about, but i forgot what us it. Ugh

Annie 2014?

Ever heard about the Broadway musical Annie?

I was browing youtube videos for Zayn(1D) and Perrie(Little Mix) :P and i saw in one video, Perrie was singing like a second of a really familiar song.
It was "Tomorrow" in the musical Annie!
I loved that song.

I was just about eight years old, and i can still remember that every time i sat in the car, i just had to watch the DVD. The 1999 one. I didn't actually see the 1982 version, but i saw the trailer and it was actually pretty awesome.

 It was actually my favourite movie until i saw the trailer for the 2014 Annie trailer remake. Then i realised how much the movie has changed. The personality didn't actually change, but more like..ehh how do i explain this. Y'know, the age gap between 1982, 1999 and 2014.

The attitudes are a teeny bit different, but what'd you expect? It's 2014!
Also i think the 2014 one has more comedy. I'm just so damn excited for the songs remake. Especially "Tomorrow".