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Star Project and Cafe Rouge!

Y'know just now i was stalking my old blog posts, looking at my first ever post and i just realised all the pics i posted which i thought was nice last time, feels like shyt now. Lol. Then again i remembered i had this post where i said i was gonna do this blog monthsary thing on the 24th of every month, which is when i actually started blogging.

And then i found this post where i was raging and calling this guy a paikia and to stop acting big, and i just realised how stupid i sound, and even though its been like only a few months ago..

Then i saw all these stupid one-sentence-short-kind-of-posts and i was just like, DEEEELEEEETTEEEE OHHH HOLY WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING.

Remember last year; or was it the beginning of this year, sw and i wanted to post a Q&A video here (not thru youtube, the blog itself only) and there was always an error with the hyperlinks and fitting the video in. Like some stuff from my template might get deleted out or idk why though. So after so many error fails, in the end i didn't post it here. Though until now i still don't know how to post it thru blogposts, if you get what i mean. Lol if anyone knows how please comment on my post so i can make a new video and post that wretched thing here.

Also for some of you loyal readers like obviously sw, you should know i post a lot of those existential crisis kind of thingies. I mean sometimes it's so hard to find someone who knows the answer, or practically does, when you're so damn curious about something. But like always, these kind of questions relating to life are very hard to answer, or majority just don't know either. Recently i was actually going to post another one about what goes beyond the human world, like death, heaven, hell, that sorta thing. Being my lazy self, i've been waiting three days for my lazy-ness syndrome to stop so i can just continue writing, but alas, i end up writing this post instead.

But heheh, i deleted the stupid ones ;)

Next topic!!

Now, this is what i've been doing lately, no not mstar. I have actually gotten quite bored of that game already and i actually started to play those kind of otome games like Star Project, My Candy Love and Cafe Rouge. I didn't play MCL a lot since waiting for AP takes really long and sometimes it just doesn't give me any the next day. So i like Star Project better. That one isn't much of dating but it's like you're a manager of a company and you can sign young men into stardom but might find some love along the way. You can train them to be singers, models, actors but can also focus on all three. There are Korean and Japanese versions, but in the English version, there's only one male idol path that's complete. Correct me if i'm wrong, there's Ren now but i'm not sure if his path is complete yet.

This is Touya, the first idol you are introduced to, and this is going to be based on Touya's route. (meheheheh sounds like dou ya in chinese)

You and your family owns a failing entertainment company. Your father has died and and the only family member you have left is your sick grandfather, who is in the hospital. You have been paying some thugs a large sum of money so the thugs won't take the bulding away. One time you didn't pay them the money and they were harassing you, thus a young teenager came to your rescue, that's Touya. Then you hire Touya and that is when the game starts.

There are three main jobs, modelling, singing and acting. There are lessons in form of minigames, and also minigames for part time jobs to earn money and manager xp.

To make Touya happy and for the love points to go higher, you must bring him on dates.

The bad thing is that you have to play the game everyday, or else Touya's mood will drop to 0 and all the acting, singing, modelling jobs you do will fail. Thus you must bring him on dates to trigger his mood again.

Isn't that cute? :3

You can play the English version here
Overall, i really love that game and i give it a 8/10!

Now for the next game i'm going to talk about..

Guess?! :D

Cafe Rouge!!
 That game is more of the kind of romance/mystery/thriller/vampire kind of thing and i've come to like it a lot actually. I don't usually like these games but i fond this one quite interesting. The game is made by Faraway Studios.

You play a girl named Isis Black, she is in the same school as her best friend Valen (ooo cue the fangirling). There are a total of 7 chapters in the series currently. In the first chapter, you accept a job into a cafe. Not just any normal cafe. This cafe is only normal and sells sweets and cakes and all sorts of typical cafe stuff, but at night, it transforms into a 5 star restaurant serving first class customers, or should i say vampires. But Isis has a condition where she passes out at the sight of blood..

Characters: Note that i will only be posting pictures of the characters who have endings

The main character, Isis Black, of course. She finds herself in the midst of secrets, as well as even murder. As you play, she begins to find out secrets and find out who she really is and everyone else around her as well.

The boss of Cafe Rouge

VALEN, i've seriously fallen for his sweetnes in the game
Valen is Isis's best friend, and they go way back till childhood, but Valen has a big secret that he has been hiding.


In total there are 12 endings, 7 bad ones and 5 good endings. In the game there are some special features like cooking, and if you fail you must try and try until you pass, or you cannot continue the game. And thankfully, they added a skip button if you really can't pass it.

Note that there are some where you have to do a math problem

Another special feature is the mazes for where you leave a building, either the house, school or cafe, you have to go through a maze of arrows to find your way around. It's a bit frustrating at times and slightly difficult, but you'll find your way sooner or later.

I really love the storyline and also the art, it's really really amazing.
Also the endings were really interesting, especially the one with Valen <33
Though i didn't play every ending, only the Antoine good ending, the Antoine bad ending, Valen's good ending, Ron's good ending, and well the one getting shot in the head through Ron's ending. Lol.

Play Cafe Rouge on Deviantart here!

AAAAnd i'm done here.


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