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x country

Since the exams are over there have been a lot going on, and i currently have A LOT of different topics to blog about.. So lets start with x country 2014 :) This was actually better than last years though there had been some downhills throughout.

So first Siti, Hui Wen and i met at the Chinese Garden MRT at like 6 50 am because we had girl guides duty and had to be early for an attire check. (;¬_¬) We walked there from the MRT and apparently the day before they said there were gonna be road marshalls there but we were too early. I think they were still setting up or whatever. The girl guides assembled at a small tent thing and we just started to move stuff around and prepare the stuffs for later. Okay in this years x country, the guides had to do duty, so only the competitive runners could run the fun run and stuff. Which in my opinion was really unfair, because i really wanted to participate in the fun run. 
Some of the sec ones and i had to take a tray and serve drinks to teachers. I…


Being an avid fan of the legendary show Avatar The Last Airbender that aired on Nickelodeon in 2005, i have always been anticipating a sequel to the show after it's four seasons of 61 episodes. I used to, and still do, love that show. It was kind of an Asian mysticism made into a Japanese inspired cartoon.

It's like my all-time favourite show, and this is just gonna be a brief introduction to the show.
The show takes place in a world home to humans, hybrids and spirits. The human world is split up into four nations, the Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads. Each nation has a distinct society, where some people can manipulate, or 'bend' certain elements. Like for the Water Tribe, some of them can bend water, same with the Fire Nation, Earth and Air. They tend to bend in existing martial arts style.

There is only one person in the whole world that can bend all four elements, or so known as the Avatar. When the Avatar dies, the Avatar spirit would be …

Fabulous me

I remember when I was younger, I read and watched television too much. So I had to wear glasses. At like the age of 5, and if you know me in real life I am already quite short for my age, try guessing how short I was when I was 5. Everyone thought I was like 3 or something, and I was wearing glasses.When I was 9, my eyesight got kinda worse, so I had to wear these black spectacles that were supposed to strengthen my eyes muscles. Unfortunately, I had to walk around looking like a ridiculous 9 year old girl. Yeah so I was wearing specs since I was 5 until 10 years old, when my eyesight improved.Then today, I was tyding my tiny blue cupboard since the air con repair people were coming and they would be steppin' all over the place. And on the last drawer of my cupboard, I found em black specs and decided to try them om and see how fabulous I looked with them now. Oh and if you cant really see, there are tiny holes in it thats supposed to make my eye muscles squint or something of th…


Yesterday, sw and i went to WILD WILD WET!

It was soo fun, and plus i've never been there for years.

We actually met at our regular place at clementi, like always, and took the MRT to Pasir Ris. From there we took bus 358 to Wild Wild Wet.We were kinda hungry since we didn't really eat anything in the morning so we went mac to eat. Blahblahblah we bought the tickets and went in YAY

Oh and the sad thing was we couldn't hold our phones during the rides so we didn't take many pictures, more like only of us camwhoring.

We decided to change into our swimsuits first and then find a locker to put our belongings. Unfortunately, it was only a one-time usage, so we forgot our shoes ( i know we could have put it somewhere in the waterpark) and had to pay another $3 to lock it again. -.-

Okay so first we went to this river that had floaties and stuff and then we went to the slides :D We went to the water slide where you could ride with your friends in one big floatie and it was fu…

Giving away my terrapins?

A few days ago, my mum told me i had to give away my terrapins as they were growing soo big and we would probably need an even bigger tank. She had said that many times before, and never did it. Thus i never actually thought she would. She hasn't though.

I never really minded if she said she was gonna give them away, well since she never did it. Then yesterday, my parents were talking to me about giving them away to the temple near my house on Vesak Day; idek but they said it's a good day for Buddhists. I was gonna roll my eyes and believe they weren't gonna give them away, but they've got everything planned out already.

At first i was like, meh. Give them away if you want.

Then yesterday night before i went to sleep i remembered how those two little creatures were my source of happiness and to de-stress myself before PSLE. Not just that, but they've been with me for almost two years, since they were about 5cm long to currently, around 15cm long. Also, whenever i wal…

Another liebster award lol

I noticed I blogged about this a while ago but I edited something and forgot to change it. So here it is

Once again, i was being tagged by Nurhafzhan for the Liebster award~^O^ Sankiew my dear :D

Errr I've done this before so I'm not gonna repeat the rules, but you can see them here. So I'm just gonna skip to ze questions

Questions from Nurhafzhan
1. Have you ever had a weird nickname? Tell us about it.
I don't really have one, but i 've been called Tits McGhee before :>

2. If you had a time machine, at which time would you go travel back?
If i had a time machine... let's say when i was 6 probably? If i really could there would be LOTSA things i would do to change myself. Be nicer to my sister, actually learn my spelling, (Chinese) heheh, and be less spoilt?

3. Describe your crush in 5 words.
Cute, cute, cute, cute and BABY FACED! Awwww

4. Which part of your body is your favourite? Why?
I'd say my upper body bone structure. I don't know but i kinda like …

School, exams, random stuff

Next week is the start of the rest of my exams, and only mother tongue and English is over. No make it the day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is the start of my exams, sounds more scary than saying next week, right? Just like prices, apparently salespeople think that $69.99 makes a whole lot of difference from $70. That tiny one cent zzz.Anyways the first exam day is math paper one and literature. I'm fine with literature, just my math sucks like hell. I fail(ed) almost all existing math tests. Ever since primary four, when I discovered the wonderful world wide web. I mean I did use the computer, for playhouse disney aka Disney junior and clubpenguin. I had Facebook too, but I was only there for pet society and restaurant city. I don't know how I liked pet society, but restaurant city just had me addicted for this cute song they played all the time.Arrr.. Yes I was failing math so badly since primary four, but im just gonna say that I have always passed my English with…