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Another liebster award lol

I noticed I blogged about this a while ago but I edited something and forgot to change it. So here it is

Once again, i was being tagged by Nurhafzhan for the Liebster award~^O^ Sankiew my dear :D

Errr I've done this before so I'm not gonna repeat the rules, but you can see them here. So I'm just gonna skip to ze questions

Questions from Nurhafzhan
1. Have you ever had a weird nickname? Tell us about it.
I don't really have one, but i 've been called Tits McGhee before :>

2. If you had a time machine, at which time would you go travel back?
If i had a time machine... let's say when i was 6 probably? If i really could there would be LOTSA things i would do to change myself. Be nicer to my sister, actually learn my spelling, (Chinese) heheh, and be less spoilt?

3. Describe your crush in 5 words.
Cute, cute, cute, cute and BABY FACED! Awwww

4. Which part of your body is your favourite? Why?
I'd say my upper body bone structure. I don't know but i kinda like my upper body bones more than my lower body bones because i absolutely hate my thighs

5.What is the last thing you purchased online?
Lol the last time i actually purchased something online was actually years ago..

6. List your 3 current favourite songs
Eh, i don't really have any. Or my blog songs?
(Oh btw my current blog song is called Not Spring, love, or cherry blossoms) I might change it soon

7. Got any phobia?
Not really, but i have a slight phobia of heights?

8. Got any talent that nobody knows?
I can expand my nostrils really big if i want to, it's probably because of my excessive nose digging when i was like 4 xD
I can move my ears

I can also move my eyebrows from left to right like a wave? But my inner left eyebrow just isn't working and i'm actually training on that LOL.
I can also do that weird farting sound from your armpits, some boys from my kindergarten taught me that. HAHA
I used to be able to dislocate my shoulder and pop it back into place, but it hurt like hell and i can't really do it anymore.
(Oh gawd now everyone is probably gonna think i'm some weird asshole that expands nostrils, moves my ears, makes eyebrow waves, makes farting sounds from my armpit and dislocates my shoulders. Hey i should try that all at once!)

9. When did you start blogging and at what age?
I used to blog when i was 9 years old, but i wasn't active and most of my posts were probably some weird shit. Then i started this blog around October last year, i was still 12 that time since it was around a month before my birthday. Also technically i'm not really 14 yet, but i would be this year in November :D

10. What is the furthest thing that your hand can touch?
My phone.

11. How long did you take to finish up this entry?
Not too long, but i was struggling to type since my fingers got bent backwards accidentally and it hurt soo bad..

But i'm not gonna tag anyone since most of the linkies i have, have already done it and some just changed their blog links and didn't notify me. So whoever that sees this is free to do it!

And my questions are

1.Tell me about your most embarrassing story
2. What was your first period like? xD
3. Are you a straight A student?
4. Are you in a relationship now? Tell us about it.
5. What was the most useless thing you bought and regret?
6. Do you regret ever being born?
7. If you could, would you change your looks?
8. Worst break-up?
9. Any guuurl problems you would like to share?
10. Fallen for a teacher before?

Okay and i'm done here woooo

Btw i have another blog post coming up soon YAY


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