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Since the exams are over there have been a lot going on, and i currently have A LOT of different topics to blog about.. So lets start with x country 2014 :) This was actually better than last years though there had been some downhills throughout.

So first Siti, Hui Wen and i met at the Chinese Garden MRT at like 6 50 am because we had girl guides duty and had to be early for an attire check. (;¬_¬) We walked there from the MRT and apparently the day before they said there were gonna be road marshalls there but we were too early. I think they were still setting up or whatever. The girl guides assembled at a small tent thing and we just started to move stuff around and prepare the stuffs for later. Okay in this years x country, the guides had to do duty, so only the competitive runners could run the fun run and stuff. Which in my opinion was really unfair, because i really wanted to participate in the fun run. 
Some of the sec ones and i had to take a tray and serve drinks to teachers. I also somehow felt really guilty whenever i stroll past those competitive runners who ask if they could have some, but i had to refuse and then they would look soo upset. :<
After the fun run there were many crowds of people crowding around the tent where we had duty at for drinks and a lot of the guides had to shoo them out forcefully. Some of the students even called us cheebai or fuckers. Now i guess i know how sales marketing people feel when they encounter some rude customers. Hahaha.

Also since there were so many students getting second helpings of the drinks and in the end there wasn't even any drinks (besides plain water) for the guides.

Maybe i've been complaining to much in the first few paragraphs, but after all the duty was done, the fun part came. ^.^
There was this kinda stupid selfie contest where we had to take selfies with our teachers or each other and hashtag it as #coolkidsdope on instagram. Our class took many many selfies also since it was ms lam's last day in CTSS. I'll show them at the end :3

Then they gave out trophies to the winning guys and girls in the competitive run and it was actually raining very heavily so our dismissal time had to be delayed for a while. The fun-nest thing was when sw and i had no umbrella, no raincoat, we just decided to walk in the rain. Which was REALLY FUN. Especially since we went barefoot since it was gross feeling wet socks HAHA. Then there was this guy, from 2B2 (my chinese MIXED class) that sits next to me. Well he just put his umbrella over my head then my friend started teasing me about it. So i was just like " noooo laaaa". Then that guy just started walking really fast and in the end he was gone. Lol not that i liked him, in fact he was really..err...-.- and i felt really guilty about it. Haha today i never really talked to him since that awkwardness between us is still there. :/

Then afterwards sw and i had some time so we went to jcube to eat cup noodle at the ice skating rink seats. HAHA.
Then well we went home hahaha


A few days before the x country, my parents ordered a new phone for me online. It was the samsung s4 zoom. It also has a really big camera at the back, the camera was really good, but incredibly awkward at times.
It was delivered and i got it at home when i went home after x country. I also have data plan now 

  1. (¬‿¬)

    well i'm really lazy to continue blogging now and plus theres school tomorrow. Just gonna edit some stuff in this post OH WAIT THE PHOTOS YES.

some awkward cornering there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I didn't get to be int his pic since i had duty

look at joanne


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