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In reference to my bestie's recent blogpost~
Also for those that think that since were best friends, why not text this whole post to her or something? Again FYI, who has the time to read such a long post through text message? Sure, you can write two-three paragraph and send to friend as a special message but i 'm not gonna take THAT long to type this in to her.

Heyy!! Saw your recent blogpost about social media and some others topics. I really liked how you expressed yourself through a blogpost since obviously there would be some who didn't have the courage to ( no offence though to those people) FYI i am really trying very hard not to make this blogpost sound like an argumentative essay so people won't find it boring to read and such.

Okay, i agree with mostly everything you say except that one tiny bit about calling the construction workers black fkers isn't very nice. I mean yes they most probably won't read it but won't it be offending if they did? Sinc…

Trip to Penang!

Finally, i uploaded something right?

June holidays is coming to an end in about a week soon. Excited for school, yet dreading as the days go by. At least I've done most of my homework. Anyways, yesterday i just got back from Penang. Let me admit something here. I have never taken a plane to another country before, only car. KL, Penang, and other parts of Malaysia that i travelled to were all by car. By the way, to those that want to take a car to Penang, i wouldn't advise you to. It takes about 10 hours to get there inclusive of toilet breaks lol.

FORTUNATELY, i finally took my first flight over to Penang and back. I've been to Penang a couple of times to visit my relatives and i did this time again. When i took the plane to Penang at about late evening time, i was really scared. Like really really scared. I thought it was gonna be like a roller coaster ride and believe me, I'm not such a big fan of heights. When the captain or flight attendant person was announcing th…