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Technically mine's been a teeny weeny bit more exciting, but it's alright i guess. Hahaha. In the beginning of the year our school had this service learning thing that all classes had to do for some points or something i don't really know/forgot why we were doing this but we just had to. Most of the classes were selling food, some were like collecting used pens and refilling the ink to give it to people who needed it most or whaaat.

My class decided to do this SYF/service learning project where we were supposed to make an attire completely out of recycled materials. Basically our class was split up into a few groups of 5-6 people and each group had to make an attire and if our group was selected, we would have to model it at gardens by the bay in public.

My group made a really lame drawing of our design at first, it was just a plain T-shirt with our school logo on it. It was designed by one of our group members, and in my honest opinion she wasn't very creative. Though when we had to create the attire really out of recycled materials, we had a really hard time thinking about how it was going to look like, and what materials we should use. Since our group wasn't really close to each other in terms of friendship, we didn't really bother about the project or never even talked about it that much.

Well, in the end we left it to the last minute. The day we had to finish the attire before the next when we had to have someone to model it. Actually we also did argue a bit on who should be the model. I mean really, who could rock a clothing completely made out of junk? Unless you're talking about when Lady Gaga wore that garbage bag dress, or when Ke$ha wore it. Daaayyuumm. Actually a lot of celebrities rocked dresses out of junk. Wait, guess what? I'm not a celebrity. How's that even possible then?

So on Thursday after school, our group had a group gathering (not really) and discussed with each other about the materials, and how it was gonna look like. Our first attempt was supposed to be a pretty pink strapped dress made out of newspaper and tape to "laminate" it. We made the dress, but it looked a bit baggy to wear, so in the end we tore the dress in half, keeping the top and making a new bottom for it. We just left the top how it was when we first made it, with some minor adjustments to fit me, painted it black and added some cotton for deco. For the bottoms, we made a too short skirt also made out of newspaper and tape, also with cotton. And then painted it black.

We intentionally wanted to have the dress pink, but we didn't have any pink paint at that time. Only black and some other gross colours. Since black is such an intense colour that might either enhance your colours, or ruin it altogether, not many used it. Having said that, we took most of the black from a group that didn't really use it. As an accessory to add it, we wanted fairy wings. However, unless we were gonna make an evil fairy outfit, we decided to make our attire with a cat theme. Therefore we had cat ears, a cat tail, and black whiskers. In this way, i would be a black cat..with cotton.

In the end, our group spent around two to three hours creating that outfit. It may seem a bit unusual but it turned out better than i expected. Oh and i also modeled it since apparently no one wanted to. Here's some pictures of the attire in the makings and when i was modeling it in class :}

Don't mind my really stiff face or body. Although the cat wand didn't really hold up well but never mind. As you can see.. it kind of looked like an apron. If my group was going to be selected to model it, i would be really, really afraid tbh. Give me your honest opinions, does it look weird on me? xD


Girl guides carnival 2014
As a Girl Guides tradition in Singapore, every year we would have a girl guides carnival at different places depending on your division. I was in west division, thus it was held at Nan Hua High.

Siti, Hui Wen and i met at clementi mall before eating breakfast at mac and then going to Nan Hua High together.
There isn't really much to talk about so i'll let the pictures do the talking ;D

This pic above was when we were at mac. Notmuch to write about
This was before our duty, while Hui Wen and i were waiting for Siti outside with our already done hennas.

This is Hui Wen's one. Nice right? My actual one didn't turn out as nice so i went to another girl to help me do another...the one below
I <3 KIWI if yknow what that means? ;;;)

Annnd after everything we got some balloons and done.


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