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In reference to my bestie's recent blogpost~
Also for those that think that since were best friends, why not text this whole post to her or something? Again FYI, who has the time to read such a long post through text message? Sure, you can write two-three paragraph and send to friend as a special message but i 'm not gonna take THAT long to type this in to her.

Heyy!! Saw your recent blogpost about social media and some others topics. I really liked how you expressed yourself through a blogpost since obviously there would be some who didn't have the courage to ( no offence though to those people) FYI i am really trying very hard not to make this blogpost sound like an argumentative essay so people won't find it boring to read and such.

Okay, i agree with mostly everything you say except that one tiny bit about calling the construction workers black fkers isn't very nice. I mean yes they most probably won't read it but won't it be offending if they did? Since i do know you very well, i know you're not racist of whatever but yea, it isn't very nice.


I do actually agree that you really shouldn't PDA and let everyone know about how your relationship is doing, well because nobody wants to know about your private life unless their an extreme stalker like me. Asides from that it's a different case. Yes, unless you have a major crush on this girl or guy that was in a relationship but has broken up, i don't think you'd want to hear a detailed story about how they broke up, in full dialogue. Talk to someone you trust, and sometimes it might be annoying for the person to hear it again and again, but it's better than people calling you an attention-seeking freak right?


I know many many people who have been trending on twitter based on a certain hashtag or what they did. Basically i had this friend that had been trending a few months ago because of something she wasn't embarrassed to do in public. It wasn't actually something embarrassing, more like she had the courage to do it. It's called standing out of the crowd, being yourself in front of everyone. Get it? She didn't do anything embarrassing. Just that a certain someone was such a busybody that he just had to trend her because she sticks out from the crowd. That isn't very fair is it?


Now I'm guessing this one is relatable to most of you. Taking a selfie and captioning it with some stupid quote you found or whatever shit.You wanna share a quote? Then either you post the quote alone, or post it with a picture that makes sense. Next we have the smokers that post pics of them smoking. Okay, you smoke, i won't bother about that. Though i know that if i don't like having pictures of people smoking, i won't follow them. What i want to ask is why? Does smoking make you look that cool? Whatever person says it does? If it does to you then okay, it's fine with me. Seeing as how there would be people troubled by that too.

Next, okay we all know there are perverts all around us. In fact i bet there is no country with such a low crime rate that no one ever does anything bad or commit any crimes. When you say that the workers come to Singapore to work, not to stare at peoples cleavage is wrong, yet right in a different point of view. It might be offending for those that are very conscious of themselves, then there are people who are very confident enough to show their body in public, some of them want to gain attention, but what about that percent of people that are doing it because they do not mind people judging or having a glimpse at their body because they are proud of their body. Though when some check people out ( you know what i mean), the person being looked at might feel afraid, or offended even.

Then there are those that are tired, so tired that they have to block other people's way. If you're tired, rest somewhere that you know people won't have to complain that they are blocking their way. You do not own the place.

Secondly, staring. People do it all the time. I'm also very sure everyone has stared at someone before, well unless you're blind ( no offence) I wouldn't mind if people stare at me, unless their laughing or gossipping and pointing at me while laughing. Y'know. Additionally, i know everyone can get curious at times. A glimpse is alright, but you don't just go and give them a hardcore stare and follow them with your eyes. Its disturbing!


This may offend those socially awkward introverts but like what my bestie says. I guess it's polite to start of with a "How are you" or a " WHATCHA DOIN?" when after that you don't have any other topic to talk about. I know i don't do that. When i meet someone for the first time, i start of something interesting to talk about for a long period of time. Okay, if not you can start of with a " How is your day" thing but think of an interesting topic to say after that so you won't freak the person out by just shocking them with a topic and making them feel pressured the next time you talk to what i do most of the time.

Also like what my bestie and i do, if we don't see each other for a long term, it's either we have something interesting to talk about, or we don't talk at all (excluding when were together at the same place of course)

YUP! I'm done here.


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