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Trip to Penang!

Finally, i uploaded something right?

June holidays is coming to an end in about a week soon. Excited for school, yet dreading as the days go by. At least I've done most of my homework. Anyways, yesterday i just got back from Penang. Let me admit something here. I have never taken a plane to another country before, only car. KL, Penang, and other parts of Malaysia that i travelled to were all by car. By the way, to those that want to take a car to Penang, i wouldn't advise you to. It takes about 10 hours to get there inclusive of toilet breaks lol.

FORTUNATELY, i finally took my first flight over to Penang and back. I've been to Penang a couple of times to visit my relatives and i did this time again. When i took the plane to Penang at about late evening time, i was really scared. Like really really scared. I thought it was gonna be like a roller coaster ride and believe me, I'm not such a big fan of heights. When the captain or flight attendant person was announcing that we were ready for take off, i was like "OH SHIT  ADDFHDFVSGDVGDBVFVGSVRY"

Additionally, my dad always told me that when the aeroplane would take off, his ears would pop and hurt a lot. Having said that, he always told me to have some sweets in hand to suck on so it wouldn't be as painful. Haha so before taking off i was like stuffing my cheeks full with m&ms and lots of hard candy. I'm also not a big fan of sweets. I'd rather salty. ;D Is it just me, or does that sound horrifically wrong?

Then in the middle of the flight i would just look out at the window..but there isn't much to look at at night. Then after flight we took a taxi to Pulau Tikus where my house is and yep. That was it. Besides that i stayed up and watched the world cup with my dad.

Day 2

We went touring and sightseeing at George Town, saw all the different types of street art.. sculptures, etc etc. The street art was really pretty. It was so detailed and all and i bet the artist (Ernest Zacharevic) had a hard time doing it all over George Town. Conjointly, since we didn't have a car with us (renting a car was a tad too expensive for my dad) we decided to take the bus and walk a lot. I don't even think I've walked for so long just for touring. We spent around half a day walking and taking the public transport downtown and back, and taking small breaks at coffee shops for drinks.

Here are some of the photos i took on day 2
The house garden for me to remember in case i forget xD

An accidental picture i took of my sister when i was going to close my camera lols

Some sculptures

A road :P

 Since i was too paiseh to take a pic of myself i took one of my sis

jetty village

mummy heheh

Heheh more sculptures

Well that was pretty much it with all the touring! Then after resting we went to gurney paragon which was pretty much a stone's throw away from my house. The mall was literally behind my house AHAHA! We went clothes shopping and just had a look around, ate quite late at (I'm not gonna ruin the restaurant's rep) with really really poor service and food. image

Day 3

We didn't do any touring but we went to gurney plaza paragon for the whoole day. Shopping for clothes again :P And then we went to eat again at that restaurant i mentioned just now (i was given 2 vouchers by my relative okay it was worth rm 100 not cheap hor dw waste money) The time spent on clothes shopping and eating was waay too much and we decided to watch a movie at the cinema at paragon. We watched edge of tomorrow eheh. It was seriously damn nice. Officially beat Maleficent in my movie list.:iconimhappyplz: Not gonna waste anymore time on explaining the movie and that's all for the day

Day 4

Last full day to spend in Penang, probably the most memorable day ever. Well, we went touring again. Walked a hell lot and we went to the peranakan mansion. Now i would really like to live as a rich nyonya.

Here are the pics:

pic of my sis playing masak masak

mummy so cute >.<

daddy and mei lols

So these are all the pictures i took on Thursday, and there were more of them but then i would have to upload the blogpost much later.

Day 5


It sad that i have to go back to Singapore and stuff but i might be coming back on CNY :D
We went to the Penang international airport at around 10 am, and checked in like three hours before since we were afraid that we might be late xD Btw before i reached Penang, when we were at the SG airport we took a lot of time wandering around Changi Airport and waiting like 30 minutes for my dad to be done pooping :P Then we were kinda late and the gate was going to close but luckily we ran and we reached just in time xD

Anyways enough talking about what happened before and let me tell you what happened at the airport because I'm just so desperate to tell you about my experience at the Penang airport.

We were eating chicken at kfc (i love chicken) and took a lot of selfies with my sis since we were bored, but i'm not gonna share them because they were kind of stupid lol.

Look at my dad there. Such a serious look on his face.

Took the plane blahblahblah

And then we finally reached SG airport. Nothing much here, took a taxi back home and VOILA!


Nah i know I'm lame.


This was the longest time i ever took to write a blogpost, not really write, but because of all the photos taking up so much of my time waiting for it to complete transfering from my phone to the computer. I actually wrote the post on Saturday, but there were like many many photos which i so badly wanted to get it up on my blog. Thus i ended up uploading this post on like a Thursday. I've never uploaded a post for so long i wonder what i'm gonna publish next.

Lately i've also been looking for some new blogskins since it also has been a long time since i changed it, and plus when school starts i don't think i'll have any more time to do it. Sadly most of the blogskins are still the same (basecode of original blogskins+some other changes only) and aren't very unique. I HAVE tried making my own blogskin but it just turned up all ugly looking and some stuffs are even upside down or in the wrong places. And i gave up.


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