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My somewhat interesting childhood

It's been around ten days since my last blogpost about me being sick of blogging and other nonsensical stuff. Soo, today I'm gonna tell you about my childhood! Since i also have nothing else to post about and i don't wanna stop blogging.

Let's start on the day i was born. I was born in Gleanagles hospital on the 17th of November 2000. Apparently when my mum went into labour, i was planned to be born by natural birth methods. Though my head was too big and well, my head was stuck-in there...for a while. The doctors tried to pull me out using some sucking gadget which my dad calls a plunger, but to no avail, i was still stuck. Thus i had to be born through elective cesarean section a.k.a C-section. Where they perform an operation to get me out.

Y'see, because of the doctors pulling on my large head when i was born, and as you know babies heads are really "fragile", so unlike my family members with round heads, i was stuck with an egg shaped head. Ooh i'…


Okay, so this was supposed to be kind of a part two to my past blogpost about the wearable attire at garden's by the bay SYF thing. I actually wrote a sentence about it like two weeks ago after it ended. Unfortunately, i had been losing almost all my motivation to blogging and I'm just really lazy to continue the post, or even blogging for the last two-three weeks. I guess it's normal to lose interest in something you've done for the past year because you would just keep procrastinating. Y'know what happens when you procrastinate? You just don't care anymore. All my tiny traces of interest in blogging is just slowly disappearing.

Blogging isn't that bad actually. If you were to ask me to blog, just the words, i wouldn't mind! The only thing that brings my motivation down is PICTURES. Most of my posts have pictures. The post i was going to post two weeks ago had pictures. It's just so damn troublesome to transfer the photos to my computer and wait f…