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My somewhat interesting childhood

It's been around ten days since my last blogpost about me being sick of blogging and other nonsensical stuff. Soo, today I'm gonna tell you about my childhood! Since i also have nothing else to post about and i don't wanna stop blogging.

Let's start on the day i was born. I was born in Gleanagles hospital on the 17th of November 2000. Apparently when my mum went into labour, i was planned to be born by natural birth methods. Though my head was too big and well, my head was stuck-in there...for a while. The doctors tried to pull me out using some sucking gadget which my dad calls a plunger, but to no avail, i was still stuck. Thus i had to be born through elective cesarean section a.k.a C-section. Where they perform an operation to get me out.

Y'see, because of the doctors pulling on my large head when i was born, and as you know babies heads are really "fragile", so unlike my family members with round heads, i was stuck with an egg shaped head. Ooh i'm an egg!

Fast forward a few years later, i was pretty much a late bloomer. I was always the smallest in childcare, kindergarten, primary school, and thank god i started growing taller in secondary school, but i'm still short.
People used to bully me in childcare. I was always that gullible (not to say that four year olds aren't gullible) blur-sotong girl, though i still had that heck-care attitude like i do now. I remember that my mum used to teach me that the word "naughty" was a bad word. There was also once in childcare where my teacher gave us this colouring paper and asked us to colour within the lines and cut it out without cutting the lines. (does that make sense?) I was too lazy to cut it properly and it just became all ragged and ugly. I had this guy friend sitting across me and told me i was supposed to cut it properly, but i didn't care. Then i got scolded b my teacher and when my mum came to fetch me, i was complaining about my teacher being " naughty". Dang sounds so wrong.

Another interesting thing i remember about childcare was my performance. I still have the CD by the way, just misplaced it xD
Well, the performance was this skit about Noah's Ark and rescuing the animals and the people and such. During the rehearsals i never really payed attention and just day-dreamed like i always do. The embarassing thing i did during the performance was waving to my parents oh-so-obviously on the stage and some other embarrassing long winded things.

Kindergarten! A place of joy and everlasting happiness until you enter primary school!
Well i still hated kindergarten.
Except for one teacher, my chinese teacher. She taught me all the way until the end of kindergarten where she told me my chinese was really weak (well since my parents don't understand much chinese) and so she tutored me. From primary school until..well she still is tutoring me. About 9 and a half years. There was once in K2 i had this English question that was something like this:

This is a very _ doll.

1) Ugly
3) i forgot what was three

It also had a picture of a doll next to it. Remember when your parents taught you not to lie? I was being COMPLETELY HONEST and i got sent to the principals office. You probably would have guessed it already, yes, i chose ugly. The doll wasn't pretty at all. My teacher kept repeating the question over and over again hoping i would say that the doll was pretty. Nope, i still knew it was ugly. Then i got sent to the principals office, where he made me stand against a wall and since i was scared of the principal, i LIED. I was indirectly forced to tell him that the doll was pretty. Gosh.

Now on to primary school. In primary one, i had a really strict teacher and i was in the best class. There was once where my teacher was teaching us about how to use the words such as niece, or nephew and i didn't pay attention. Well maybe it was because i didn't like the teacher, maybe it was because i was day dreaming..No! It was because i was trying to hold my bladder from exploding! I asked my teacher once, she did not respond, i asked her twice, she said no. A few minutes later, i thought that if i were to pee a little, i could let out some and hold the rest. Guess what? I released my pee. All of it.
Then my teacher was like "Why do i smell pee" Afterwards, my classmates just had to sabo me and boom. I was the talk of the whole cohort. Lol, as if that was bad enough.

In primary five, i had a really bad bangs cut at the salon. At home i decided to fix it. It didn't turn out like i hoped. I cut a little more, hoping to get it even, nope. I cut a little more. NOOPE. Sooner or later my bangs were already half my forehead. Being really stupid at that time, i had this trail of thought that if i were to cut all of my bangs, it would turn out normal and no one would notice it.
Therefore i decided to cut all of my bangs. Cut, not shave. What i was left with was a really short grass patch at the front of my head. HORRIBLE. I had to suffer with that front "boy" hair on my head. It went so badly that i had this weird bunch of spiky hair sticking out of my head. People kept teasing me and luckily by the middle of primary six, my bangs were long enough to be cut evenly.

Then there was PSLE and worrying and crying and suffering and yup. That was done.

I was posted to my second choice of school, CTSS.
Nothing really interesting about it. Besides that i was a dirty minded psycho in my class, met some awesome friends, and falling for kiwi. 

My current life isn't very interesting, but i do have a lot of fun laughing like a maniac everyday.

I guess i'll end of here, since i don't have anymore interesting events. :P


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