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Okay, so this was supposed to be kind of a part two to my past blogpost about the wearable attire at garden's by the bay SYF thing. I actually wrote a sentence about it like two weeks ago after it ended. Unfortunately, i had been losing almost all my motivation to blogging and I'm just really lazy to continue the post, or even blogging for the last two-three weeks. I guess it's normal to lose interest in something you've done for the past year because you would just keep procrastinating. Y'know what happens when you procrastinate? You just don't care anymore. All my tiny traces of interest in blogging is just slowly disappearing.

Blogging isn't that bad actually. If you were to ask me to blog, just the words, i wouldn't mind! The only thing that brings my motivation down is PICTURES. Most of my posts have pictures. The post i was going to post two weeks ago had pictures. It's just so damn troublesome to transfer the photos to my computer and wait for it to load. Yes, i know there's a blogger app for phones but it always crashes when i try to post pictures.

Besides all that blogging, I've also been wanting to change my blogskin and music that I've had for i don't know how many months i had it for. BUT GUESS WHAT? I'M JUST TOO DAMN LAZY. Blogskins involve too much coding, and it sometimes confuses me to the point where i get so frustrated i start throwing a fit.

For those of my loyal readers (eh i don't think i have any), i think i had this blogpost about my 100th post where i was so happy but ever since January I've been deleting a lot of them because i sound so darn stupid and well I'm going to delete that 100th post, post now---yup done. Surprisingly after deleting so many posts last time, this post that I'm typing right now would be my 100th. Then again, i don't know what to blog about now. I'm just typing about how much interest I've lost in blogging that i completely forgot to think about what to blog today. Plus I'm too lazy to blog about the garden's by the bay thing.

Sooo, I'll tell you about my daily life in school now? Or is that too boring? :icontongueblush:

Well if it is going to be too boring for you, in every computer did you know at the top right hand corner of your screen there is a red box with a 'x' inside it? Yes you could kindly click on that button if you don't want to continue reading! Easy, right?

For term two, we got a new class parent, another co-class parent, a new math teacher and a new science teacher. I'll admit this term is my favourite since I've got both of my favourite class and co class parent. Finally after so long, my class got a new math teacher that i can actually understand and have little to no problems with her. The previous math teachers i had for this year seriously did not know how to teach. The first one  i had was quite okay, just that he was too lenient with everyone and would always waste like half the period during math scolding a certain someone who has been causing a nuisance to my class for this and the past year.
The other math teacher, a really young one. Too inexperienced, too young, too flirty, too good looking for some girls in class, too gangster, just a complete failure. And nooo, i know it takes a lot to become a teacher, your studies must be like super good, and i respect both two teachers I've just mentioned that their studies may be good, but they cannot teach. My class requires a teacher with lots of "patience' because basically most of us are slow learners, and some are really really disruptive. A lot of teachers that our class has come across are those typical teachers that would like cross their arms and stare at you when you're talking. Then that "silence' would take up like a lot of the time. Why can't the teachers just send the student out if they are a distraction to the class?

Now my science teacher. Better than i expected, he's old, but very nice. Can be very fierce too. Not much to say since he's one of the teachers i can include in my list for one of the best teachers I've had.

I've come to the end of my 'school' part and let me ask you a question.

If you were given a set of nine buttons, and could only choose ONE. Which would you choose?

Red :Gives you the ability to turn yourself completely invisible including your clothes

Blue : Gives you the ability to fly

Yellow : Gives you the ability to read anyone's thoughts

Green : Gives you the ability to shape-shift into any non extinct animal

Orange : Gives you the ability to run at the speed of sound

Purple : Gives you the ability to phase through anything

Grey : Gives you the ability to lift and move objects with your mind

Pink : Gives you the ability to heal any non fatal wound whether it be yours or other's

Black : Gives you the ability to answer any question you are curious about

What would you choose?
I would choose pink. No it wasn't because pink is my favourite colour ( yes it is but not for that reason) but because if i could heal myself, or anyone, those close to me could be " immortal" if they chose to. I could heal any non- fatal wound right? Doesn't that mean i can heal anything as long as they weren't dead already? I could save my parents from illnesses, help them to live.

My second choice would be purple. Being able to phase through anything would be a dream come true to me. It means i would be able to get through anything in life. I could get through depression, and bad memories, being able to move on in life.

 I would have chosen yellow because sometimes i just need to know stuff before they know that i know that they know i 'm gonna know what their thinking. It doesn't make sense but having that power can be good and bad at the same time. Given that the person was going to kill you, you'd know. You would know what to do to avoid their plot. Then again, example a close friend of yours doesn't really like you for who you are, you'd know. It's scary, and it hurts sometimes to know something you don't want to know. Which can also obviously make you depressed and all.


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