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MAF 2014 / MAF 2013

Hello guys ^>^

Once again i'm back with another blog post and hopefully you find it interesting? MAF 2014! It was yesterday and definitely much better than last year's MAF 2013. I didn't actually post anything in my blog from last year's but only one pic i took with SW.

 Last year's MAF was good in a way that SW and i could spend alone time together at her house, help each other with the clothes we were gonna wear, and basically just chill! I still remembered when we took the MRT to school together, and SW was wearing purple contacts though it kept dropping and she had to keep putting eye drops. There wasn't much in school actually. Just mooncake sampling, tea tasting, and performances. We also met up with Isaac, and went to the study corner to take pictures and chat. I guess i can say that MAF 2013 was remarkably relaxed.

Oh look i also have a video when we were at SW's house getting ready. I looked really unglam in it so yeah. FYI the part where i was …

10 turn on and offs about guys

Lately I have had literally no ideas to blog about, maybe I do, but in the end I get writers block at every post. It's just REALLY frustrating to come up with a blog topic when you haven't been anywhere exciting, or the post just isn't worthy of being posted.Look, I have like four, five, draft blogposts from when the mid year exams were over and even my "letter to my future child" isn't finished yet. Basically its all because I run out of ideas in the middle.
THERE'S JUST NO MORE MOTIVATION AND MORE PROCRASTINATING!Which is why, I have decided to close my roblox;facebook and YouTube tabs and focus on this blogger page. Thankfully, I have looked for ideas to blog about. Therefore, HERE IT IS:THE 10 TURN ON, AND OFFS ABOUT GUYS
*warning* all these are only in myopinion, and if you don't know me then don't judge me. Actually don't even judge me :vTURN ONS1. Cute guys.I mean, they gotta be cute right? Im sure most girls would like cute guys2.When …