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10 turn on and offs about guys

Lately I have had literally no ideas to blog about, maybe I do, but in the end I get writers block at every post. It's just REALLY frustrating to come up with a blog topic when you haven't been anywhere exciting, or the post just isn't worthy of being posted.

Look, I have like four, five, draft blogposts from when the mid year exams were over and even my "letter to my future child" isn't finished yet. Basically its all because I run out of ideas in the middle.

Which is why, I have decided to close my roblox;facebook and YouTube tabs and focus on this blogger page. Thankfully, I have looked for ideas to blog about. Therefore, HERE IT IS:

*warning* all these are only in my opinion, and if you don't know me then don't judge me. Actually don't even judge me :v


1. Cute guys.

I mean, they gotta be cute right? Im sure most girls would like cute guys

2. When they don't think I'm being overly crazy.

I am crazy, and I can admit that.  Only my best friends can ;)

3. Guys who aren't so conscious of their appearance or body.

Everyone has flaws, and I bet almost everyone can feel slightly conscious of themselves sometimes. Though if you're too conscious of yourself, sometimes it makes me feel really, really guilty. Because it shows that no matter how much I like you, you don't even like yourself.

4. When they can be themselves around me

Tbh, who wants to fall in love with a fake personality and when one day you see their real colours, its just scary.

5. If they can cook

It's perfectly fine if they can't cook, but guys being able to cook is just a bonus! ;D
Who wouldn't want to come home from a tiring day and realising he's already cooked for you?

6. Being nice

No seriously, i'm not relating this to any cheesy tumblr quote or whtv but who doesn't want a nice boyfriend? Maybe you want a bad boy but thst doesn't concern me. Get this.
Being nice = Being sweet


Nothing beats guy+guy action. Not bromance like abandon-your-girlfriend bromance but guys being sweet to one another is just a major turn on to me. Also it shows that guys do care about one another ♡♡ and not act all macho and bad all the time

8. Smart guys

You don't have to be a nerd but smart guys just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It just seriously makes me really happy I don't know why. It kinda makes me feel safe, because he knows much more than I do. Someone who can give me advice? Heart to heart talks? I love that.

9. Guys who can joke around

I like guys who aren't so serious all the time. WAIT! Its good to be serious, but not when its time to be all happy and stuff. Guys having a sense of humour is awesome!

10. When they can lead

Its nice having the guy being the controlling one in the relationship-not all the time of course. They can show people who's boss, not me definitely. I can't lead at all :P


1. Catcalls

There really is an easy way around this. If yoy find a certain girl beautiful, or so out-of-this-world sexy, tell her politely. Catcalls are never sexy.

2. Don't group us

What I mean by group is what I mean by judging. Don't judge a girl based on her looks, personality, just don't group us. I've had a couple of guys calling me a slut, or someone thats probably 'done it' many many times before because of my still-blooming-dirty-mind-of-curiosity. Might not make sense to all of you,  but seriously. Just because a girl who likes hello kitty and the colour pink, don't assume she's the typical girl you see on the street that is so "average" that she won't fight her way with words about your oh so judgemental remark.

3. Ogling

This is the most basic rule of a relationship. Suuure, its normal for guys to ogle at inappropriate stuffs. On behalf of all the girls in relationships, just don't do that in front of your girlfriend

4. Being bullies

There was this dude that told me about this slightly smaller guy that he used to bully, and I've been really affected by it because its really mean. Basically this dude, stole that slightly smaller guy's shirt, and the smaller guy had to go out topless. Then guess what? This dude and his 'gang' poured green tea all over him.
I really hate guys who act all cool when they bully someone, or act all cool when they make a girl cry.

5. When their rude to their parents

Same thing, being rude to your own parents is just awful. Same dude from previous point just now, he hated his parents so much he left home for two days, and made his parents beg when he was leaving. Your own parents. 父母从小培养你了到大, 太自私了吧!

6. Being a little too rough

Don't treat girls like your typical guy friend. Most girls I know don't like it when you shove them around; playing rough. Teasing is fun, just don't be so ugh!

7. When they think expressing their emotions is gay and unmanly

Its not considered gay if you cry. Its perfectly normal for guys to cry, and guys also need to receive as much love and care when in need of it.
Honestly, who even invented this stereotype where guys should be all manly and tough why girls are the 'weak and emotional' ones.

8. How they think we only want jerks.

It's not true, maybe for some but not all us girls! We may seem all attracted to the 'jerks' because those 'jerks' are usually unattainable and very unpredictable. Think about it. Jerks are usually hard to deal with right?  Now think of the so called jerks as wild animals. Wild animals are hard to catch, hard to tame. Being able to catch and tame that wild animal makes the girl feel worth something. Still, its hard work. Not all girls like a challenge y'know. Most of us still want guys who can make us feel appreciated.

9. Being huge flirts

No girl likes a guy that flirts with other girls when in a relationship.  It just proves that the guy doesn't feel that the girl is good enough and I would feel generally offended.

10. Bad odour

This is the last and most important thing in my list. Bad odour is just a major turn off imo. Just shows thst they don't take care of their personal hygiene. And personal hygiene is just the basic of the basics. Honestly, you can't fail that, can you? No girl would want to talk to their crush hoping to know them better and suddenly get turned off by their smell.

I guess im done here with my long post. I finally finished a post without procrastinating in a long time D:

But thanks for reading my long passage of junk guys!
Luv ya


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