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MAF 2014 / MAF 2013

Hello guys ^>^

Once again i'm back with another blog post and hopefully you find it interesting? MAF 2014! It was yesterday and definitely much better than last year's MAF 2013. I didn't actually post anything in my blog from last year's but only one pic i took with SW.

 Last year's MAF was good in a way that SW and i could spend alone time together at her house, help each other with the clothes we were gonna wear, and basically just chill! I still remembered when we took the MRT to school together, and SW was wearing purple contacts though it kept dropping and she had to keep putting eye drops. There wasn't much in school actually. Just mooncake sampling, tea tasting, and performances. We also met up with Isaac, and went to the study corner to take pictures and chat. I guess i can say that MAF 2013 was remarkably relaxed.

Oh look i also have a video when we were at SW's house getting ready. I looked really unglam in it so yeah. FYI the part where i was like "AAAHHHH" was because my necklace flung upwards and hit me in the teeth xD

Actually i had some pictures of MAF 2013 in my first ever post on this blog, but i deleted that post since it was kinda weird.. and since i decided to face my unglamness throughout this video, i'm gonna show you the photos from last year's MAF.

There's more, but some are just too unglam to be posted xD

Well, enough of me blabbering about last year's MAF and now for more awesomeness, i present...
MAF 2014!

It wasn't much of the school's celebration that made it fun, more like the after party i guess? This year SW and i didn't get to spend as much time together like last year, but we had A LOT of fun this year. Sadly, i had girl guides duty to report to at around 5 50pm, while the celebration started at 7 30.

Isaac, SW and i were supposed to meet up at our reg place, but SW was kinda late so Isaac and i waited for her outside Fish & Co. We went there to eat and stuff, and SW ordered this chocolate drink but had no idea is was so big, that she had to stand up to drink it. Plus it was quite cheap for such a big drink. In the end we were left with that big mug of chocolate thing and we played a game to see who had to drink it and stuff. Since i had duty at 5 50, i had to go earlier. I begged Isaac and SW to come with me but they were too paiseh since the celebration was supposed to start at 7 30, and nobody would be wearing home clothes yet, except them. So while i was busy minding my own business they were outside at the library browsing and using the com until they were brave enough to come in.
Duty was kinda "ehh" but it was alright. Luckily i did my first shift and was allowed to go have fun, so SW, Isaac and i went to see the performances upstairs. After all was done, we went to the study corner to carry on last year's "tradition". We took even more pictures than we expected and had much more fun moments than last year there.
Here are the awesome pics:

Here is our group/formal picture we took together

Oh and this was SW's food at fish and co. Isaac and i didn't take pics of ours since we were too lazy to do so

My unglam bunny face

In this one SW put her hair there so it would look like i'm sniffing Isaac's long hair

Another selfie with em'

Look what happened to my eye on the left

I really don't know

And then a fabulous group selfie

Sw's rabbit balloon

Her balloon agn

This was taken at fish and co

Just more photos

Group photo agn :P

Bc im so fabulous with my eyebrows looking like that

Failed photo

SW took a photo while i was walking around lol

Apparently she just had to take this photo when i was dramatically explaining stuff

I love this one

Isaac taking a selfie while i was attacking SW xD

My second rabbit face

Im gonna be honest, i peed a little when i saw this pic being taken and coincidentally with SW's hair on the left side of my head so i look like i have hair there.

Photo when we said our goodbyes :'(

We actually took a video when we were on our way to clementi mall but im only gonna put it up until it finishes uploading.

That was kinda all of it and yup, we had tons of fun this year together, and hopefully next year would be as fun as this year, or even better!
How was your Mid-Autumn Festival? :P


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