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EOY/ Bestf :(


Tomorrow is the start of my EOY exams. It's my English paper first :O I'm so nervous, English is probably my best subject but i can't be too overconfident can i? I'm just really worried about how it's gonna go :( On Tuesday i have my Chinese paper and then on 29th the exams are starting again with History? Wait i forgot lol. Anyway, this is a really crucial part of the year since the subjects i take next year will depend on my results this year. Furthermore, I'm also afraid i can't come back for 'O' levels after my 'N' levels. I really don't want to use the direct poly route after my 'N' levels since the 'O' level cert is like the international one and you can't get anywhere with an 'N' level cert. Especially since I'm a PR.

I honestly think I'm prepared for my Chinese and math paper 1. I've done lots and lots for those two and since i also have tuition, i guess I'm okay with it. I'm …

DZG camp

Time really does pass when you're having fun. School is gonna start after tomorrow and it's ironic how my previous post was about me hating the holidays and me being all sad when it was starting. Not that i really had fun though, i didn't hang out with my friends, and all i did was study. No shit it's true. With the EOYs coming so soon i really don't want to waste my time. I can't wait till school starts :P

Anyway, today i had a so called di zi gui camp held in school. It's not really a camp since it was like half a day only but i don't know why they called it a camp. Honestly, it wasn't boring, yet it wasn't entertaining. So SW and i met up at our reg place and then went to school. Then we realised we were too early. We sat at these little chairs outside the general office waiting for more people to come and then finally someone from our class came and we just sat together to chat about stuff. After a while, zhuang lao shi saw us and asked us if…

this is so boring

The school term has come to an end, and the one week September holidays are starting.
My gosh.
Dread sinks into my belly as i wonder what to expect in the holidays.
No seriously.
Holidays are just terrifying.
I'd rather stick with the normal two-days break after Friday. Holidays are nice i suppose, it's a time where we can relax and de-stress ourselves. Yet holidays are also a time where most of us get bored, lazy, and get nothing done. I just need a mere one day off to relax and i can get back to doing anything productive. Thats when i have school the next day. The feeling i get when i realise i have like a week more to relax makes me even more lazy.
Holidays are NOTHING when you don't go overseas or spend time with family members. Since my parents are always out working, i have only my sister and my two terrapins left with me. Y'know, terrapins don't do much. Plus my sister is always watching lame youtube videos, and it's just 'me' time. The only things …