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EOY/ Bestf :(


Tomorrow is the start of my EOY exams. It's my English paper first :O I'm so nervous, English is probably my best subject but i can't be too overconfident can i? I'm just really worried about how it's gonna go :( On Tuesday i have my Chinese paper and then on 29th the exams are starting again with History? Wait i forgot lol. Anyway, this is a really crucial part of the year since the subjects i take next year will depend on my results this year. Furthermore, I'm also afraid i can't come back for 'O' levels after my 'N' levels. I really don't want to use the direct poly route after my 'N' levels since the 'O' level cert is like the international one and you can't get anywhere with an 'N' level cert. Especially since I'm a PR.

I honestly think I'm prepared for my Chinese and math paper 1. I've done lots and lots for those two and since i also have tuition, i guess I'm okay with it. I'm not really prepared for my other papers like science or whatever as i only study science when i really need to catch up. Hey, if that makes you feel any better for not studying. Also my art paper is in October and I'm kinda stuck thinking for ideas.

Fortunately, to lift our spirits up, SW and i are planning a major outing this year after the exams or in the holidays, as we haven't really gone out much this year. Actually there won't be much for us to do since last year we did A LOT, went to lotsa places, and basically slacked a lot when we were sec one. Till  sec two came and we really had to buck up as we were missing a lot. Thus were planning to do stuff that we haven't done before, like..


and maybe slack at coffee shops like all the uncles and aunties given that we've done basically everything you could do with your best friend. Oh wait!! There's still sleepovers that probably wouldn't be possible given that i have a really overprotective mum. Let's face it, I've only had one sleepover at my friend's house.

Besides that, there was also this scary Halloween thing at Sentosa that we really want to go, but we gotta save up like how we did for USS last year. Though even if we already saved enough, it's at night and my mum is also really scared of people kidnapping me or whatshit. Not just that, she would be like " Don't play play at night, later you ham bin" Ham bin is sort of Penang Hokkien for dreaming, or in my mum's words, nightmares. Plus i heard the Halloween thing is really scary.

Well, all of us gotta overcome our fears right?


Omg, i can still remember my mum making me go to sleep by saying if i don't sleep the shadow man or boogie man will get me. I believed it. I'm so gullible.

Back on topic,

Even if we can't go bowling or have sleepovers, there's still lots we can do like shopping for more clothes, watching Annie at the cinema in December (i really wanna watch it, i 'm a major Annie freak lol. I've already watched all the versions) We actually said to each other that we are gonna do everything we couldn't this year as next year we might be too busy with our schoolwork and have no time to hang out. image
I'm also really worried that if she changes school next year, we might slowly drift apart from each other.
So we actually made a list of things we must do next year, which includes :

Meeting each other once a week i think?
Alternating with a new fantasy book to see what we've been up to
Going out together more often, unless were really busy of course.

Sadly, it might not happen, since being in diff schools will make us drift apart. Maybe for the first few weeks it may work out, since it's the start of the school year and all, but having best friends being split apart, sad right?
What should we do without our best friends in school? No school projects together, no recess together, no talking about random shits together, and were gonna be really far away from each other.
She's gonna be at Punggol, I'm gonna be at bukit timah, just imagine the time its going to take travelling from one place to another. I mean of course, SW's my best friend and distance shouldn't keep us apart but sometimes we may get really busy and our schedules may all be messed up, but hey, best friend's shouldn't stay apart for too long.

I'm done for now, time to go brush my teeth and study lol.


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