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this is so boring

The school term has come to an end, and the one week September holidays are starting.

My gosh.

Dread sinks into my belly as i wonder what to expect in the holidays.
No seriously.
Holidays are just terrifying.
I'd rather stick with the normal two-days break after Friday. Holidays are nice i suppose, it's a time where we can relax and de-stress ourselves. Yet holidays are also a time where most of us get bored, lazy, and get nothing done. I just need a mere one day off to relax and i can get back to doing anything productive. Thats when i have school the next day. The feeling i get when i realise i have like a week more to relax makes me even more lazy.

Holidays are NOTHING when you don't go overseas or spend time with family members. Since my parents are always out working, i have only my sister and my two terrapins left with me. Y'know, terrapins don't do much. Plus my sister is always watching lame youtube videos, and it's just 'me' time. The only things i have at home is my phone, laptop, and food. It's also not that i can't get out of the house and play, but more like because i'm too lazy. Maybe it's me who's at fault, not the holidays. Long holidays are always the main reason of me falling sick or losing weight.

Holidays are always so boring. It's a good thing tomorrow my sister will be performing at the MAF at bukit panjang, senja i think? Which means i can follow and finally do something worth more than lying on my bed and using my phone right?
Since the big exams are coming up, i decided to finally do something productive (yay?). I am going to be a good girl and start studying, i hope. I already started doing some of my homework and with a little bit of pushing, i can probably get all my homework done by half of the week ^^

Now lets talk about how i've been keeping up with school.

Actually, its pretty much the same as every day. OH WAIT! I forgot to tell you about Teachers day/ACES day.

Erm, the sec twos played frisbee and then we had the teachers day celebrations.
Unfortunately there was this problem with the speakers and like a lot of the performances got kinda wrecked. That's it, i guess? SW and i didn't slack after it because i had tuition at 3pm and i needed to finish all my tuition homework, and my mum also texted me last minute to say that she wasn't free to fetch my sister from school today. So i had to, straight after school i went home, and went back to CHIJ OLQP to fetch my sis. They were also having an alumni party after that so i thought i might as well stay for a while hoping to bump into my old classmates. Apparently the alumni that visited my primary school again were mostly just graduated from primary school-sec ones. All the sec twos and above were all like "where got time la pls" already xD

I fetched my sis, and we took the bus home.


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