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1st blog anniversary :D

Hi everyone!

Today is a really special day. I have officially completed my milestone of reaching my first blog anniversary! I can still remember when i was such a noob at blogging (just saying) and its been a whole year already! From last year in October 24 until now... it's not a long time yet but i'm sure i can continue and hopefully i can last 5 years from blogging.

Since it's my first blog anniversary, i'm going to make this post a super special one by including all about how i first started blogging, who inspired me to start blogging, and how my love for blogging bloomed over the previous year, and more! Actually, i would have probably stated some teeny weeny bits about all that in some of my posts, but i'll put everything together here.

Why did i start blogging?

I started blogging because sometimes, i needed to express myself through words or drawings and because i was simply too lazy to write or draw all that down, i figured typing it all out would be easier.…

School is ending

It's currently  10 35 am, 22nd of October.

Around 10 hours have passed since i made my subject combination choices for next year, and two days till school ends. This year passed so fast, its as if i just started sec two and suddenly were celebrating the end of the school year. I can still remember my first day of sec two, when i ran into the hall overly excited to see my friends and i was just soo happy to see them after the long and boring holidays where i probably spent it rotting.

I'm soo excited for all the fun stuff I'm gonna do in the holidays, because i might be going to visit my relatives and go out with my cousins and friends. Still, i really don't want school to end yet. I need more time to treasure the precious moments i had with my friends this year. Surely, i made new friendships with the juniors in my cca, and the bond between some of my good friends had grown stronger. Obviously i am gonna see them next year, but we would be split into different classes …

Pioneering badge

Yesterday i just finished my pioneer training in girl guides, and it wasn't as easy as i thought. When we reached the place, they briefed us on pioneering, the things to do to pass the pioneer test, and so on. After we settled down, the first requirement of the pioneer badge was to make a fire and boil some water in a kettle placed on the fire. Firstly, we had to go find some punks, kindlings and twigs outside the place. We were like crawling under bushes and on top of tiny mountains for them and it was exhausting. Well sadly i didn't collect enough so the trainer gave me some of his. Secondly, we had to use the changkul and dig a small pit in the ground, and i was kinda suffering once again because the changkul was so large and heavy, and im a weakling. Thirdly, we had to throw in the little punks and small sticks and then use the matches provided to make a fire. Since i have basically a fear of almost anything, it was quite hard for me to strike the match properly as i just …


My exam results are back, and im quite happy about my marks actually. Not tryna brag, but i made a huge improvement in my subjects and would possibly get a pass for math(when all results are tabulated). From being an ungraded student for math, I've improved to just a borderline pass. Maybe its because the paper was slightly easy, im not sure. Most of the help was actually from fostering autonomous learning. I did mostly exam papers of the same syllabus or slightly easier to master my foundation. Nevertheless,  the topic i want to talk about is my dad. Honestly, as much as i improve in my studies, my dad is usually quite hard to impress. No matter how much i improved, or got almost full marks for a test, my dad would just be like "mmhmm okay. Next time try harder must get full marks hor"To be frank with you, it happens quite a lot with my friend's parents too, and i got kinda pissed off about how they can't just take it as a good improvement and let me at least ge…

How to have a party by yourself :))

Exams are finally overr!! :))

After hours of suffering with panda eyes, bloated faces, and having to stress myself out with countless of tuitions, i'm finally FREEEEE??! I guess?

Imma do my touchdown dancee ;PP

Okay, but seriously, besides hanging out with friends after school, i can't really get out of the house very often since my parents are just like "celebrate what celebrate, result haven't come out yet leh" Honestly, if my results come out and i don't do well, i can't celebrate. Isn't it better to celebrate now?
Since i have nobody besides my sister at home, ( CORRECTION: My parents were home and busy watching TV) i decided to have a party all by myself cus' i got like no friends.
See how much fun i had?

Lol and obviously you would definitely want to have as much fun as i did! SOOOO, i made a list of what to do when you got no friends to celebrate with you!
1. Get lotsa food in your room
2. Play some really loud music
3. DAAANCE like no ones watchi…