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1st blog anniversary :D

Hi everyone!

Today is a really special day. I have officially completed my milestone of reaching my first blog anniversary! I can still remember when i was such a noob at blogging (just saying) and its been a whole year already! From last year in October 24 until now... it's not a long time yet but i'm sure i can continue and hopefully i can last 5 years from blogging.

Since it's my first blog anniversary, i'm going to make this post a super special one by including all about how i first started blogging, who inspired me to start blogging, and how my love for blogging bloomed over the previous year, and more! Actually, i would have probably stated some teeny weeny bits about all that in some of my posts, but i'll put everything together here.

Why did i start blogging?

I started blogging because sometimes, i needed to express myself through words or drawings and because i was simply too lazy to write or draw all that down, i figured typing it all out would be easier. Apparently my bestie also had a blog and i was solely fascinated by how pretty her blog looked, and i wanted to start and make my blog as pretty as hers.

My blogging journey

As i started blogging, my love for blogging continued growing and soon enough, blogging literally changed my life! While i was able to express myself through a virtual online diary, it helped me in a way to relieve my feelings that were kept inside me for long periods of time.

At first, i was quite skeptical about pursuing an online diary where anyone could visit and read all my posts and probably judge me, but until my blog views started increasing, i decided to keep this blog and try to continue it until i am an adult.

As i was just oh-so amused by the many types of blogskins i could find and create, i probably changed blogskins like every month during the time of Oct 2013 to Feb 2014. Well until my mid year exams were near and i had to start preparing and stop wasting time. I was also quite a daily blogger when i first started, since it was also close to my end year holidays and i had nothing to do then. I also practically blogged about nonsense, like one sentence posts, and really ridiculous stuff that i bet you readers would want to stalk my past posts.

 If you did, well then you must know that i am not feeling the slightest bit of embarrassment here while you be amazed at my lack of paragraphing everything and using caps for a lot of my blog titles.  (sarcasm definitely and absolutely not intended here)

If you didn't stalk my past posts, well good for you, you're a good person!  Not wanting to know about my ridiculous past and prevent embarrassing me -cries tears of joy-  i luv u

(because hey i can see the posts views increasing if you were to stalk my past blog posts)

I was also an always-overly-excited-blogger-that-always-uses-exclamation-marks.

As for 2014, i started blogging lesser and lesser as i starting becoming lazier, busier, and bored of blogging. Especially the few months before my end year exams. Another reason was also because most of my blog posts included pictures, and they would always take so long to upload. And the blogger app on mobile was a bit troublesome to use when it came to uploading pictures.

All of this adds up to my current state of blogging, here, now uhh yup.

I would also really like to thank my bestie, for inspiring me, and is a loyal reader. And all you on and off readers for taking the time to read my blog posts as it takes a few minutes off your life span. (i'm so sorry) and i really appreciate all your viewing and blog hopping and blog walking because without you all, i wouldn't have continued blogging anyways lol.

Without blogging in my life, i would probably have no life, and would write depressing stories of myself.
 And it would almost certainly start of like this:
'Leaning against the kitchen sink, i though to myself...Am i really gonna do this? After years of hiding it, i know it can't be a secret forever... The fear goes through my body and sends a shiver down my spine. 

No. More.
I couldn't control the addiction, and for the gazillionth time, i picked up the fruit knife.

I took a deep breath, and


I swiftly slashed that mango in half, slicing the seed. I quickly devoured the flesh of the mango, and words came pouring into my head. What are they gonna think of me? I'm a hopeless mango addict. The embarrassment clearly showed in my flushed cheeks"

I GOT YOU! Right? You thought i was talking about cutting huh ;>
Well, i guess i'm just THAT lame then.
You're obviously suffering from my lame joke :P
Go on, i don't mind.
I just really love mangoes, and this is really what goes through my mind every time i cut a mango lol.


  1. Hey! I experienced these also. Well, I deleted some of my embarassing posts but well, it only means that you are growing in blogsphere! Good for you dear! :)


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