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Pioneering badge


Yesterday i just finished my pioneer training in girl guides, and it wasn't as easy as i thought. When we reached the place, they briefed us on pioneering, the things to do to pass the pioneer test, and so on. After we settled down, the first requirement of the pioneer badge was to make a fire and boil some water in a kettle placed on the fire. Firstly, we had to go find some punks, kindlings and twigs outside the place. We were like crawling under bushes and on top of tiny mountains for them and it was exhausting. Well sadly i didn't collect enough so the trainer gave me some of his. Secondly, we had to use the changkul and dig a small pit in the ground, and i was kinda suffering once again because the changkul was so large and heavy, and im a weakling. Thirdly, we had to throw in the little punks and small sticks and then use the matches provided to make a fire. Since i have basically a fear of almost anything, it was quite hard for me to strike the match properly as i just kept panicking. But in the end, i finally got the fire going and it was really huge, the smoke and ashes just kept flying everywhere and into my eyes, which also caused my uncontrollable tearing. Then we had to align the two firewood on top of the fire parallel to each other and put the kettle on. That part was kinda okay since we could hang the kettle on a twig or something and slowly put it on the fire.

The next one we did was the emergency tent. It wasn't very hard since we already practiced in school so i had no problem with it. Just that it was so hot out in the sun lols. So then we had to do the rope ladder thing. That one was kind of a breeze, since it just required knotting the rope to the wood and repeating until there was no more wooden poles left. We went to the second storey, and began tying from there and flipping it downwards to the first storey. The only scary thing was that when the trainer was briefing us, we thought if after we were done, we had to climb up to the second storey, and everyone was secretly panicking on the inside since its a ladder, make out of wood and rope, and it would dangle and stuff. Fortunately, we didn't, only the trainer did to test out our ladders and some brave sec one that decided to climb it.

And then we had our break. We were allowed one hour to walk to the junction 8 mall near the place for lunch and come back when we were done. Apparently, it was during the peak hours and that place was CRAMPED. We took practically half an hour to finally find a seat for probably eleven of us since the rest wanted to go separately. We actually reached just in time to the place we were supposed to report at and then we did the axemanship and sawing part.

Honestly, it was quite hard to saw the wood since the handsaw was too flimsy for me and the wood was too tough. Using the axe was okay though, since we could apply our full body strength and chop it instead of only most of our strength from our hands for sawing. Oh and Siti and i were like super distracted since there was a cute cat just a small distance away.

Lastly, it was maps and compass reading. Uhh that was easy i guess, just knowing your 6 grid reference and knowing how to read a compass.
After everything, we took the bus and went back to school and then went home. It was really a knowledgeable experience indeed, as it was the basic survival skills that we don't learn anymore due to the advancement of technology these days. It would surely help if i was stranded on an island with nothing but natural resources, and i would probably survive if i wasn't such a scardey cat like i am now.

Also, the test is probably in two weeks and i really gotta practice on my fire making skills :P My teacher also said i could practice in school as long as there's a teacher supervising me just so i don't burn down the school y'know...unfortunately.

Heh, i gotta go stalk some people now ;p


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