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School is ending

It's currently  10 35 am, 22nd of October.

Around 10 hours have passed since i made my subject combination choices for next year, and two days till school ends. This year passed so fast, its as if i just started sec two and suddenly were celebrating the end of the school year. I can still remember my first day of sec two, when i ran into the hall overly excited to see my friends and i was just soo happy to see them after the long and boring holidays where i probably spent it rotting.

I'm soo excited for all the fun stuff I'm gonna do in the holidays, because i might be going to visit my relatives and go out with my cousins and friends. Still, i really don't want school to end yet. I need more time to treasure the precious moments i had with my friends this year. Surely, i made new friendships with the juniors in my cca, and the bond between some of my good friends had grown stronger. Obviously i am gonna see them next year, but we would be split into different classes and the same 2A2 class spirit wouldn't be the same anymore.

But really, this last week of school has been AMAZING. There were lots of games and activities that occupied our time in school. I really will live this last week of school tp the fullest xD

I'm really gonna miss everyone especially my close friends like:
1. SW
2. Siti
3. Hui Yi
4. Meliana
6. Jomaica (i guess)
7. SK

and more that I'm probably too lazy to include anyways, just wanna give these people some spotlight after being friends with them for so long.

I'm getting emotional now. Lol.

Anyways, we can hopefully plan an outing and spend some time together before school starts. ALSO.. i should probably plan my New Years resolution list to help me for next year.

  •  Finally maintain good grades
  • SW and i's friendship will continue to remain strong despite her moving
  •  Get into the ndp next year for SG50!
  •  Not get a swollen eye or a leg full of ant bites during gg camp lol

Next year i really don't need a lot, so hopefully everything will work out next year.
It's also two days away from my first blog anniversary, so there's gonna be a very special blog post all on about my beginnings of blogging, and my journey through blogging.

Thanks for reading, and here's an ice cream cone.


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