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seriously people stop mumbling

I honestly really don't know how to type out a nice intro for a lot of my blog posts so i'm gonna get straight to the point. Oh and i suppose you've heard the new song i'm playing on my blog? Yeaa the song credits are in the 'SITE'  thing. Sooo,



I haven't been there since June and i really miss all the food there and um maybe my relatives i don't know ha ha ha. My flight is leaving at 7:05 pm but my parents don't want to be late so were going to the airport at like noon. Eh, i guess i get that punctual thing from them. I can never be late. If i'm late, i either couldn't find my wallet or phone or something important before i leave. Did you know in school i'm always the first student ever to reach the quadrangle? :D Oookay i guess i didn't get straight to the point there but i suck okay? I really really suck at phrasing things and everything gets all jumbled up and it never really makes sens…



Yesterday was my birthday and would probably be one of my top three birthdays I've had, with my primary one bday party being first and last years trip to USS second. I really loved it because sw and i went to eat lunch at Seoul garden and we haven't in a while, and we also went to bugis street to buy some new clothes. It would also be the first time I've bought so many clothes at a time :P

We went to bugis junction to eat at Seoul garden. We actually took a long time to find it because obviously i have a really bad sense of direction, but in the end, sw helped to find it. On the way, we found BAYMAX :D and we took pictures with him but it's kinda disappointing that it was just an inflated stand thing rather than a person dressed up in a baymax costume. If there really was a huge baymax walking around, i would surely run up and pounce on him haha.

Anyway. we took a few videos and pictures but I'll put them at the end of the post. So after eating, we went st…

Pioneer training #1,2,3 and test

When i said the holidays just started, it didn't ACTUALLY start until today. The last week i've been really busy, as i had to go back to school for girl guides. There were also lots of pioneer training practices since our skills weren't very good and we kept having to do the different things over and over again. The most tiresome one was obviously fire lighting, since we had to dig a hole, keep the fire going and boil water all in 15 minutes. Not just that, but we had to collect a lot of punks, twigs, and kindling, like everyday, because we had training consecutively from Wednesday to Friday.

For the sake of fire lighting, my friends and i went everywhere just to find punks and twigs. We were like desperately picking up sticks at our school field complaining about how this was the first time we've ever loved sticks so much while our other friends watch us. And yesterday was the pioneer test. It went quite well i guess, only for fire lighting i think i exceeded the 15 m…