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Yesterday was my birthday and would probably be one of my top three birthdays I've had, with my primary one bday party being first and last years trip to USS second. I really loved it because sw and i went to eat lunch at Seoul garden and we haven't in a while, and we also went to bugis street to buy some new clothes. It would also be the first time I've bought so many clothes at a time :P

We went to bugis junction to eat at Seoul garden. We actually took a long time to find it because obviously i have a really bad sense of direction, but in the end, sw helped to find it. On the way, we found BAYMAX :D and we took pictures with him but it's kinda disappointing that it was just an inflated stand thing rather than a person dressed up in a baymax costume. If there really was a huge baymax walking around, i would surely run up and pounce on him haha.

Anyway. we took a few videos and pictures but I'll put them at the end of the post. So after eating, we went straight to bugis street and the first thing i bought was this really cute black knitted pullover. It was $15 and to be honest, i wanted to bargain because the shopkeeper asked me how much i wanted it for but it was too embarrassing so i just sticked to the normal price pshh. Next, there was this shop we found that had a rack with tops that are only $5, and really, who wouldn't want them. Plus most of them were really pretty. I bought three and continued with the rest of our shopping. I actually aimed to get 3 tops and 3 bottoms with a budget of $50 but i didn't actually follow it... I really needed more clothing since i had very little and i can't possibly wear the same tops and bottoms when i go out.

I found a few good bargains at a few shops, but i was absolutely convinced that there would be better looking clothing with a cheaper price, so i went around to look. It's also weird how every time i find something good and leave without buying it, when i try to look for it again, i can never find it. After spending my money on those four tops, i saw this really cute jacket with this cat pattern thing but sadly, if i bought it, i wouldn't have enough to buy any bottoms. It was really really tempting. It was also really horrible because i kept seeing it everywhere. In the end, i found another cute cardigan/jacket thing that had a really nice design and wouldn't look as bad if i wore it to school as a sweater, so i bought it for $15 i think?

After that, i really had very little money left because some money from my $50 budget that was strictly supposed to be for clothing was spent..on food. Still, i had a few dollars left and found a pair of shorts for $10 i think.

That was the end of our shopping, and then we were really thirsty so we went to burger king to get some drinks. Blahblah had some dirty talk in there and then we went to the mrt. Also sw gave me this really nice present which was like a scrapbook of all our adventures since sec one and basically she printed out most of the photos and cut them out into some creative things xD

Here are some pics we took;
 look baymax :D

when we were at Seoul garden

some pages of the scrapbook

I'll try to post the videos when i upload it on youtube

And hey thanks for reading :>


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