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Pioneer training #1,2,3 and test

When i said the holidays just started, it didn't ACTUALLY start until today. The last week i've been really busy, as i had to go back to school for girl guides. There were also lots of pioneer training practices since our skills weren't very good and we kept having to do the different things over and over again. The most tiresome one was obviously fire lighting, since we had to dig a hole, keep the fire going and boil water all in 15 minutes. Not just that, but we had to collect a lot of punks, twigs, and kindling, like everyday, because we had training consecutively from Wednesday to Friday.

For the sake of fire lighting, my friends and i went everywhere just to find punks and twigs. We were like desperately picking up sticks at our school field complaining about how this was the first time we've ever loved sticks so much while our other friends watch us. And yesterday was the pioneer test. It went quite well i guess, only for fire lighting i think i exceeded the 15 minutes a little :P Also this really thick wood gave me a scratch on my leg and i really have to say, this was the first time i've ever gotten so many scratches in a day.

Besides all that, in the mornings and after pioneer training, my so called huh gg gang that consisted of Siti, Hui Wen, Sharlotte and I, really bonded a lot throughout the whole week. We met up in the mornings for breakfast, and lunch after pioneer training. Which was obviously really fun to be able to spend time with my friends every single day of the week, excluding school, because, y'know you get to see sides of people when it comes to these survival skills and stuff.

Another thing that also happened was that on Friday, i saw strawberry(certain someone) with his little gang(that i call the fruit gang) and he was there being all cute and stuff and his laugh!! I was just opposite him exaggerating about his overwhelming cuteness. I know this really isn't right because_____________.

 But this week really has been fun, and here's some photos of it. I didn't get many cuz' well we were training lol.
This was my little fire i made during training

And this was a picture we took after finishing out emergency tent
PS: i censored it for fun, no obscenities ;P

OOh this one's my favourite. During training my junior took a picture of everyone and when she took a good look at it, here's me in the back jumping.

Bye bye :>


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