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seriously people stop mumbling

I honestly really don't know how to type out a nice intro for a lot of my blog posts so i'm gonna get straight to the point. Oh and i suppose you've heard the new song i'm playing on my blog? Yeaa the song credits are in the 'SITE'  thing. Sooo,



I haven't been there since June and i really miss all the food there and um maybe my relatives i don't know ha ha ha. My flight is leaving at 7:05 pm but my parents don't want to be late so were going to the airport at like noon. imageEh, i guess i get that punctual thing from them. I can never be late. If i'm late, i either couldn't find my wallet or phone or something important before i leave. Did you know in school i'm always the first student ever to reach the quadrangle? :D Oookay i guess i didn't get straight to the point there but i suck okay? I really really suck at phrasing things and everything gets all jumbled up and it never really makes sense.

Anyway, i plan to do lots of things in Penang. I'm definitely buying a lot of clothes, and eat and eat and eat and when i come back i'll post all the food i ate to make you guys all jealous. I'm probably going back on the next Monday? Or maybe the weekend. Also just because of one trip to Penang my mum is soo obsessed with tidying up so when we get back there isn't a lot of things to be done.

ACTUALLY, i just wanted to share with you guys one of my most embarrassing/cute incidents i've had over this year of 2014, and i don't think i've posted anything about it yet so yupyup

It was on a Thursday, 21 August. Yes, i take note of dates. My mum signed me up for math tuition a week before to prepare for my EOY's since my math was obviously horrible.(and hey i did improve a lot within one or two months) It was supposed to be every thursday 3pm at -hah i'm not saying where- but it was really near my house and in fact just two bus stops away. So it was the first lesson and i took my usual bus straight to the tuition centre.

When i was in the bus, it so happens that two upper sec guys from my school sat opposite me and my bus crush were friends with them, so heh my crush sat next to me ;3

Seriously i should stop having crushes i have way too many blogposts with way too many crushes i've had mentioned in them.

My crush and those two dudes were chatting awkwardly while i, also awkwardly stared at my crush. Like STARE. DIRECTLY AT HIS FACE. But he didn't turn around though :< One of my crush's friends were cute, and yea i started staring too. Did you get creeped out? I don't stare very often :>

Soon, my crush and the non cute friend alighted at their stops and it was left with that cute one and i :P It started raining heavily and luckily, i brought my umbrella. When i alighted at the stop for tuition, that cute dude alighted at the same time too so i was like super happy!
I took out my umbrella and apparently at that time i just couldn't open it properly so i was holding a closed umbrella in one hand, while the other hand hanging around my sides awkwardly. SUDDENLY, get ready its getting exciting, that cute dude came up to me and asked me whether i wanted his jacket (i'm not going to describe exactly what he said because he was kinda a sissy and i didn't want to say everything) and because his face was so close to mine and we were literally staring at each other and i was just so mesmerized by his cute face that i blanked out and forgot what i was supposed to say so my mouth was just there hanging open so wide that a fly could just have flown in my mouth and this sentence is getting too long oh no.

And this is how it went:

Him: Do you need a jacket? ( it was muffled okay)
Him: Do you need a jacket? ( it was still very muffled okay)
Him: Do you need a jacket? (he was basically MUMBLINGGGG??)
Him: Do you need a jacket? (like finally i could hear him)
Me: ...umm uhh no no no
Him: -starts running away from me in the rain jumping over water puddles as if they were huge obstacles-
Me: -stares-
Me: -regrets-
Me: hey maybe i should stalk him :D I never really see him in the bus anyways
Me: okay he's running oop wait nooooo where you goin hun?
Me: NOOOOOOOO well i'm late for tuition now i guess i'll spend the rest of my two hours in tuition basically dreaming about him and what i should have said so we could have a happy ending together

That was it, a lot happened on a thursday late afternoon, ooh especially with my bus crush next to me. The next day i kind of took the early bus again just to see him and i did, but he ran away again.

Am i that scary?
He was cute so its okayyy :3


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