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End of avatar/ Merry Christmas!

I just finished watching the finale episode of the Legend of Korra, and honestly it really was a nice way to end the show. Although it's a little lesbian-y, i LOVE their ship name!

#Korrasami #Korrasami #Korrasami
#Korrasami #Korrasami #Korrasami

Even after all that, I'm still sad that there won't be anymore Avatar anymore. Way to ruin the lesbian moment, me. Been watching avatar since the last what, seven, eight years? And you can kinda call it an end to my childhood now that it's over. At least the people who never watched Avatar can watch it now that there are no new episodes coming in! You can do it! 61 episodes for the last airbender and 52 episodes for the legend of korra! Still, i might want to catch up on the old comics to see some parts of the show that were never really mentioned in the series, like Zuko's mum! Or where Azula went in the Legend of Korra?! Though I'm not sure if they released any of the old Avatar team's whereabouts when Korra ende…

Trip to Penang! 2


I know the post is a little cramped to the side, but i think its because i shifted all the photos to the left instead of the middle.
So i said in my recent post that i was going to Penang the next day and i did, so now i'm back! I actually returned on Monday afternoon but i was too tired and lazy to blog haha. I also had lots of things to do, like watching the new TLOK episodes, playing my kardashian game, and whatsapping. GAWD i had lots of whatsapping to do, i didn't tell a lot of my friends that i was overseas so i had a lot of them spamming me thinking i was ignoring them.

Anyways, it was really fun being away from my social life and getting out of the house for a while. Every single day while i was in Penang were spent outdoors, and at night i stayed at my grandma's house. Then again, the bad thing was that because my phone is registered under a student plan contract, i wasn't eligible for dataroam. Therefore i was just using like my parent's hotspot all…