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Trip to Penang! 2


I know the post is a little cramped to the side, but i think its because i shifted all the photos to the left instead of the middle.
So i said in my recent post that i was going to Penang the next day and i did, so now i'm back! I actually returned on Monday afternoon but i was too tired and lazy to blog haha. I also had lots of things to do, like watching the new TLOK episodes, playing my kardashian game, and whatsapping. GAWD i had lots of whatsapping to do, i didn't tell a lot of my friends that i was overseas so i had a lot of them spamming me thinking i was ignoring them.

Anyways, it was really fun being away from my social life and getting out of the house for a while. Every single day while i was in Penang were spent outdoors, and at night i stayed at my grandma's house. Then again, the bad thing was that because my phone is registered under a student plan contract, i wasn't eligible for dataroam. Therefore i was just using like my parent's hotspot all the way HAHA

Okay, so how do i begin.

Day 1 (arrival)
Nothing much to say here, just that when we were in the plane it was sooo boring and soooo cold. Here's a pic of my dad and i :P

When we arrived, we took a taxi straight to my grandma's house, and as usual, my grandma was cranky and grumpy. We unpacked, and went to sleep. Which brings us to...

Day 2

Err..hold on let me refresh my memory.



We did LOTS of shopping. Like soo much that i feel so damn guilty. I think i bought like more than ten pieces of clothing at a time -insert guilty raewen face here- Besides that, we went to eat and eat and eat local food at different coffee shops around my area. I didn't really get to take any photos of the food today because we were still so obsessed with the outside world that i just didn't want to disrupt the-no-handheld-devices-mood. At night, we went walking around the mall that was just behind my house and took lots of pictures of the lights :P

Also don't worry, i'll have more pictures lining up soon 

Day 3

The day we visited my relatives. I went to visit my ahma, from my dad's side and well it turned out better than i expected. Thought it was going to be soo boring but it wasn't. Besides talking to my relatives and stuff, when i was visiting the toilet, i realised THEY HAD A DOG. OH AND TWO CHICKENS in their backyard :D Okay not really a yard more like some space at the back with a small patch of grass and an outdoor toilet.  Here are all the pics i took.

I'm sorry i looked stupid

I know the pics are a little blurry but how am i supposed to react when the dog keeps trying to hump my leg? :(
The video i know is a bit weird but i really don't know how to post a video without posting it through youtube.

Day 4

We went out for breakfast at a coffee shop, and then we head out for tesco. In case you don't know, its like a supermarket? The one in Penang near my house is HUGE. Seriously HUGE. It's like a big supermarket building. Like a HUUUUGGGEEEE ONNEE.
Honestly speaking, tesco brings me bad memories because the last time i visited this tesco was a few years back, and i was quite young. I still remember they were selling some helium balloons at a little stand outside the main supermarket entrance and my sister and i begged our mum to get us one each. We were soo happy playing with the balloons. We went into tesco to do some shopping and since the ceiling in that tesco were really high, there was a small boy that let go of his balloon and it flew up high and reached the ceiling. Now, that was okay, but at night, i had a dream where my balloon flew up there and my dad helped me to reach it using a ladder. Suddenly, while my dad was climbing on the small life sized ladder reaching out to my balloon, they grew LARGER until they could reach the balloon. I don't understand how that could scare me when i was younger, but it kind of scarred me for life xD

Enough dream blabbering, so we did some shopping at tesco. Bought lots of stuff, and i also found out they were selling the same green tea ice cream in a huge tub that i usually buy, and it was HALF THE PRICE! I mean if you change the rm to S$. Though i still didn't buy it because we were going to eat after that and the ice cream might melt :< Since we were like walking non stop, my legs started hurting real bad, and it was like that for the whole trip from so much walking..

After shopping, we went to a small indian cafe inside that tesco building to eat dinner. We ate some curry things and after all that, it was getting late. We took the bus back and did our usual home routine if you can call it that.

Also, when my parents went out to do some banking and left my sister and i alone at home, i had no wifi hotspot, no dataroam, i practically had nothing to do. Luckily, i had my loyal cut and paste photo editor that did not require data to use! Thus, i made some really ridiculous photos i think you would like :D

So, it's Day 5 now

We spent the morning eating and walking around town, then we went to visit the house of my cousin from my dad's side whom i never knew existed. AND HE HAD CHILDREN! I never expected to have so much fun too, like the bus ride to their house took about 1 and a half hour since they were living really far away from us. I thought we were going to visit one of my old relatives and that it was going to be so boring. They had a boy that was four, and a girl that was two. They were really cute.

I was like playing and hugging them all the time, and honestly i've never been so close to a child before. Unless you count my sister, but i was probably too immature to find her cute last time. We spent our time at their house playing until it was around 10 pm or so, we had dinner at their place too and then they sent us home. They sent us home in their car and the boy followed and he was like so curious about everything outside xD
That's all for day 5 soo.. oh and here are the pics
okay once again i looked weird

Day 6

Today we did lots of shopping again, we went to shopping malls all around town and shopped till we dropped(literally). After that we went to watch a movie at gurney plaza and we watched the Penguins Of Madagascar since it was out and my sister really wanted to watch it.

And their popcorn was way cheaper than paragon.
 Nothing much, and we went home.

Day 7

The last day to do the things we've wanted to do. There's also lots of pics. Firstly, we went to eat at this really famous coffee shop that tourists like to go to. My parents really wanted to eat there to see what's so good about the food there, and apparently lots of locals boycott that place because one of the aunties selling food is really rude and the prices are really high. Seriously, it is really high. It's like restaurant pricing for coffee shop food xD

After that we went to visit this famous place for chendol and well it was okay. We did more shopping and ate dinner at this korean restaurant and after that,  i went to get a haircut! :D I was really desperate for one because my hair really needs to be cut and i wanted to try having layers again. The last time i had layers it didn't really work out, since my hairstylist was really inexperienced and the hair salon i went to were one of those cheap $5 hair salons that don't do their work properly. So i went to get my hair done at a hair salon and i got layers and stuff, but it was really expensive because i got it professionally done at some hair salon and i kinda forgot it's name. It was also the first time i got my hair professionally done and well it was really nice.

The many many pictures of today:

during dinner~

This was how my hair looked like, but it was taken the next day when i was leaving.


Aww.. so it was time to say goodbye to Penang. Our flight was at like 10 20 am and we had to check in by 8, so we had to get up at like 5 because it took about an hour from the house to reach the airport. We checked in and there are also a lot of pictures for this one haha.

When i was like running to eat at kfc my toe hit a metal corner at somewhere in the airport and started bleeding. -.-
So here are the pics
checking in~

 my toe was bleeding :< it's kinda blur but i was shaking

the plane was boring as fack


I'll miss you penang but i miss my local data so buh bye
bored as hell

 when we arrived i know i look awesome in the back there

Gawd you don't know how long i took to type all of this. I kept procrastinating by eating strawberries and playing AQworld ohmygod

Hey lets hope there will be a trip to penang 3

Bye for now im tired as fack


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