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Goodbye 2015!

2015 has been a hell of a ride. There were lots of new experiences, new feelings, and i changed. A lot.
As 2015 is coming to an end in about two hours, i decided to share with you all my highlights of 2015! All of them mean a lot to me, and is pretty much unforgettable, as some are kind of embarrassing. Well, a good embarrassing. 
(not in any order)
1. I managed to actually confess to someone for the first time! With some help of course ;)  It was really nerve-wracking, to be honest. At least i don't regret it.

2. I got to hangout with my bestie that i haven't seen in over a year, three days before 2016!

3. I became less of a softie and started standing up for myself a little bit? I think that's a geat achievement actually.

4. I started working out!

5. Doing something productive started becoming a little less of a chore to do, and i stopped procrastinating as much.

6. My crush called me cute >.< (okay super subjective a…

That girl

That tiny girl. The one with pigtails and brown eyeglass frames. She would get laughed at because one side of her glasses were always higher than the other. She was always so naive, so inexplicably slow-witted, and would sometimes get bullied due to her short stature.
Back in kindergarten, she used to mix with a group of boys. Everyday during their breaks, they would gather in a small circle sharing things with each other. One of her fond memories, one that she could never forget due to its weird yet innocent...behaviour, was also within that group of friends. When they gathered in their little circle, one of the boys brought up the topic on making sounds with your armpits, otherwise known as armpit farts. She started learning from them too, they taught her how to do it, how to "train" that skill, and how to make it easier to do...using soap. She would do it in the bathroom everyday, and her parents often wondered how she learnt that little habit. To her parents, they thoug…

Puppy love? Or nah?

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before, but this is another post that has to do with crushes. I think i would have mentioned different parts of myself in different posts about crushes, so I'm just going to put it all together here. I'm not going to do any research on this topic about why this or why that, because i believe that i am entitled to my own opinions and theories on these sort of things.

I fall too easily. Way too easily. I used to have more than one or two crushes at a time, and even though i know i won't ever have a future with them, i can't choose between them. Surely, most of them are minor crushes, like when i find someone attractive, and suddenly they start talking to me, then i begin to assume a lot of things and end up falling for them even more. If i don't see them a lot, then of course i start to forget about them maybe about a week after. Yes. A week later, at minimum. 
Some of those minor ones would be like that one dude i met …

another of raewen's awkward sub-conscious situations

This isn't really going to be a very humorous post, or anything emotional of the sort. HAAHHA. Just thought i'd share something with ya'll so i don't start being inactive on the blogosphere.

It happened this very Saturday morning...i was on the way to my nearby supermarket to get some pasta sauce and frozen salmon(lol?). As usual i exited my house but i took a different route, because previously there was some undergoing renovation that kinda just finished, and now there's this sheltered pathway near my house. So i was strolling under the sheltered pathway, having a hell of a time enjoying the view of polluted air and crowded traffic, then out of the blue, a blue car (lololl did you see what i did there) that was heading the opposite of my direction, appeared. Actually i didn't notice it appearing yet but hwahtehverre lets just continue

What do you think happens next?

Well, apparently the passenger window was winded down and there was a head peeking out, without…

Finally a post after so long!!

I haven't blogged in a while, so my typing skills are getting a teeny bit rusty, but i'll just post a short update on what's been happening lately in the holidays.. Not something too serious, you know...maybe releasing some tension from my previous post.

Even though the holidays started a long time ago, the month of November has been filled with lots of activities that required me to go back to school or have lots of tuition, so i can finally say that my holidays have officially started.

At home there hasn't really been anything much for me to i got into some gaming and binge watching The Walking Dead and some Taiwanese dramas for some reason lol. I don't even know why, but its like i've been eating loads and loads of ice cream. I don't normally crave for so much ice cream, but its been out of control lately! I started playing runescape a lot too, and some other games that i quit approximately two years ago. Luckily, i think i'm more productive …

Just some ranting

I had to update it a bit the next day because i had more to write about, and hopefully y'all don't mind. There were some weird typos i had to change too. Umm also, if you haven't noticed. I kept republishing the post not because i want publicity, but because i was desperately trying to find a way to password protect this post.

We live in a society where most, not all, people get everything they want.

I'm so sorry, i don't even know how to start this post while trying to be as real as possible without sounding like i want to offend people or that i want sympathy. I don't want any of that. I don't even need anyone to read this post, i just want a space where i can openly express myself  because i can't in real life. Firstly, i'm actually quite an emotional person, but i just don't know how to express it...properly. All i know is to laugh and cry. I absolutely don't like crying in front of people, i personally think that is downright e…

What i've learnt from turning 15

My birthday was just a few days ago, and i thought I'd make a post on it. It's just a short compilation on the things i have realised and learnt this year. I actually planned for this post to be published on my birthday. I even aimed for this post to contain 15 things I've learnt, but because of my awful planning skills and not being able to remember my ideas, here are 3! lololololol

1. To me, being 15 is kind of confusing. Its like a liminal stage between knowing that you're still a kid, with lots more to experience in life, or the fact that you need to be more mature because you're going to be treated like a young adult. I think about this a lot actually, sometimes I'm not really sure when i should transition into that "young adulthood" stage without having people say I'm such a bore, or that i should let loose a little.

The word "mature", is also somewhat subjective. In my case, being mature means that i am able to rely mostly on myse…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 10-

I've actually been working on a post that i'll be posting about a day or two later, so in the meantime, i thought i should post another one of my embarrassing stories. Maybe its a good thing for me, but i haven't really come across anything embarrassing enough to post, so i settled down for one of my ridiculous habits i had when i was younger.

Am i the only one that thinks that when you run, its really fucking awkward and unglamorous? No? When i was seven or so, i always thought that the running motion was really horrendous. Horrendous in a way that it looked like a gorilla trying to push its way through a crowd or something. I can't believe i'm saying this, but i decided to own my own running style. And i'm not proud of it. I used to think my running style kept me from looking weird but when i look back, i think i look even weirder. My running style was really really awkward, it was like i kept both my arms stuck to my sides, and my palms would be facing outwa…

Sleep paralysis

As the year is coming to a close in just less than two months, i decided to cover a topic that I've been facing for most of this year. Sleep paralysis. So this problem I'm facing right now has affected me quite a lot actually. I don't think i would have it last year, or even before that. It just started happening a lot this year.

I remember it starting off as a once every two months thing, but then it started happening about five times a month, then soon it got to three times a week, now its becoming almost five times a night. I can't even sleep without sliding into sleep paralysis consecutively. It's really been affecting my sleep schedule, and most of the times i wake up with a horrible headache. Just a side note, sleep paralysis can sometimes be really scary. Sometimes i wake up feeling really numb from the "nightmare", and try to fall asleep again, but i end up repeating the same cycle of my mind being awake but I'm paralysed. It gets super irrita…

Second Blog Anniversary!

On every 24th of October, my blog officially becomes one year older. In this case, my blog is now two years old! This post is also one day late. Heh. I don't want to talk much about what my blog has been through, why i started blogging or times where i felt like quitting the blogosphere, because i have already blogged about all that in my blog's first anniversary.

But of course, i'd like to thank all of you for taking time to read my blogposts, and the special lot of you that comment or email me about what you think and give me feedback. I really appreciate it! First of all, this might be a slightly rushed post because of certain things that led me to delete my pre written draft post for its second anniversary, and my computer got confiscated! The initial post i wrote was actually totally different from my current one and i honestly HAVE NO IDEA what to post right now! I just decided to explain to all of you what happened because if i didn't then i'd really have n…

What happens next?

If you're someone that tends to read articles or captions about knowing he's the one, or something about falling hopelessly in love with someone, then this is for you. Well, maybe.

Obviously he's not mine to lose, he's not even mine to love for fucks sake. (excuse my language) It's not about the way he treats me that made me fall hopelessly in love with him, i mean of course that played a part, but i never felt much about that before.
But there was something that just made me lose control over my own life. It led me to feel overwhelmed with joy yet frustrated at the same time. 
It wasn't even much to begin with, but when he grabbed the back of my hand, time froze. Accidental or on purpose i don't even know, but i could feel everything. And I'm not trying to exaggerate anything here. Maybe everyone in class stopped talking or stopped moving. There was no movement. The background was blur, and all i could see was him and i; i mean my hand. I can still fee…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 9-

It's been a while, maybe a week or so since my last post, and i decided to make a new one about my embarrassing adventures!!
This one was one of the "scarring" things that happened to me because i had to live with it for like almost a year.

It all started in Primary five. I was young, naive, dumb and had no common sense. Well actually I still am. My bangs had grown really long, so i went to the hairdresser to cut it for me nicely. I actually expected it to be really nice after the haircut, but it was actually really uneven. I hated it. That wasn't the worse yet!
I went home thinking i could cut it myself. I was aiming for some kind of straight bangs look, and obviously it failed. I was trying to be really precise with my cutting and tried to make it really even. Unfortunately, it wasn't. So i kept on cutting bit by bit, slowly from my eyebrow area to half of my forehead.
I ended up getting really frustrated. And i thought that if i were to just cut my bangs off, …

Working out instead of revising hais

Happy October! With my exams right around the corner, i find it a little harder to make time to update my blog. If you have been reading most of my blogposts, you would know that i absolutely hate the blogger app on mobile. If i did like the blogger app however, i would probably be able to update my blog or create drafts as early as 6 30am, as it is the time where i usually sit in the bus and text my friends or listen to music. 
Luckily, i managed to find time just to create this blogpost.  Let's begin!

About late September, i started working out. Like seriously working out, especially ab workouts and cardio. I don't go to the gym because well, i mean i can't really workout with people watching or knowing i'm there. I prefer to do workouts alone. I would have this calendar sort of thing with a variation of ab workouts to do each day for a month, and the number of reps increases by day. 

Besides the calendar, i actually search for some ab or cardio workout related vide…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 8- *EXAM EDITION*

Taking a look from the title, you would think "How does shit even happen during exams?" There are times where i do fuck up in my examinations, but those are because i didn't study. This one is a little more painful and embarrassing.
Today was my first exam of the EOY exams. It was my english paper. Apparently, the exam was held in the hall for the sec threes instead of the normal classrooms. Probably because they want us to get used to the kind of arrangement for our 'N' or 'O's. The incident happened during my writing paper, the first paper of the day.

I had just finished writing my essays and had a little bit of spare time for checking. I was also counting the words in my essay. Nothing would go wrong, right? NOT.
If it were a movie, i'd  call it "Uneyexpected"

As the hall was open, there was actually a lot of wind just blowing everywhere. While i was checking flipping my paper, the scariest thing happened. The side of my paper cut a littl…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 7-

Typical Saturday, but without the rushing for tuition. Luckily, i didn't step into another darn construction site. But this one huuuurrrttt.

My sister and i decided to go to mac about an hour before my tuition for breakfast. We chat and ate at the same time, and spent a lot of good sibling quality time together. Later on, around 10 minutes before my tuition started, i decided to go buy a hot latte at mac. So my tuition is actually really near mac, its in the same building. There wasn't really much time for me to drink it all before tuition and i didn't want to risk any spillage on my tuition table. (yes they allow food and drinks in my tuition class.)
I said goodbye to my sister, and walked up the escalator with my latte on the way to tuition. I managed to get off the escalator without any accidents lol. I was on the second floor of the building, a floor below where i have my tuition, and decided to go to the second floor toilet like i always do.

I was walking and walking,…


The "P" word. Let's talk about periods today!! :D
Maybe it's just me, but i don't find anything embarrassing about talking about them, i mean (almost)every girl gets them right? I don't understand why it's considered as taboo. 
I hope I'm not the only one that gets really bad mood swings before my period, i mean there was once where i actually cried because i didn't have enough milk to dip my oreos in. I get super emotional about a week before and i don't even realise it until my period starts. It's like my hormones just start raging up and whenever a friend does something wrong accidentally, i start sending all the long "i can't fucking stand you"/"why do you have to do this to me" whatsapp messages to some of my friends, and they just pour in non stop. Afterwards, i get so bothered by all of it that cry continuously until like 3am until i fall asleep. It's that bad, and it happens for like a whole week, and th…

Trust and insecurity issues

My September holidays are ending reaaaallll soon, and I'd like to talk about some personal topics before school starts! OH and the haze is getting really bad lately so i advise you guys to drink a lot of water and stay healthy or something! xD

Today i wanted to talk about some issues that I've stated in my title, that's right, trust and insecurity issues. I think that insecurities and trust issues are connected, you might have a few insecurities that have led you into not being able to trust someone. When it comes to talking about insecurities, there are:

physical appearance insecuritiesrelationship/friendship stability insecurities When it comes to physical appearances, most people are insecure about the things that can't change, or don't make the effort to change. For example, you can't change your breast size unless you go for surgery, but most people can't afford it. There's also one of the most common kinds of insecurities, like weight or height. So…


Earlier this morning, my sister left home for her first ever camp. It's the first time she's away from home without our family so I'm not sure how she'll be like over in camp. I remember hating that primary five camp, high elements just weren't really my forte. I'd imagine it being worse for my sister as she often complains about heights giving her a sharp pain in her chest? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna miss her while she's away.

Even though I'm constantly complaining about her being really irritating, for once i think i might miss her ramblings about Troye Sivan. For goodness sake, she won't ever shut up about him lol. Actually it's not that i miss her, its i miss her presence, The house just gets really without her youtube videos being my background noise.

Good news is, more alone time means more alone business. ;) NAH JUST KIDDING! Just hope she gets back real quick, or I'm about to go crazy. I'm not the …

Sept Hols

The September holidays just started, and so far nothing really embarrassing happened to me recently, so its been a good week! Just talking about holidays makes me remember my exams are coming in about three weeks. Guess what? I haven't started any revision. I really need to buck up on my science and my Chinese. For the first time in like, forever, i failed my Chinese really badly. It was my best subject, and suddenly its my worst. I just hope i don't procrastinate so much this week. I have lots of art homework to complete too.

Anyways, yesterday i went to USS with a couple of friends and yeah it was fun. I don't have many pictures since we had express pass and were all chiong-ing to the rides xD I remember the first ride i took was the huge red one, i think it was called human or something. It was my first time taking it and i heard it's a little more scary because they made it two seater and its less bumpy than last time. I'm not really a roller coaster fanatic, …

Shit you should never do unless you're me -PART 6- // So effing messed up idek

It started off as a normal Saturday. I woke up, expecting to brush my teeth, until my private tuition teacher came early, so i didn't have time to change into normal clothing that aren't any of PJs, and i had no time to brush my teeth. You know how much i had to suffer that disgusting taste of not brushing your teeth in the morning, it just feels so icky and smelly and just ew. When i don't brush my teeth in the morning, i can never eat or drink anything until i do. After tuition for about an hour, it was already 10 am. I had about two hours before my next tuition. Normally, you can do a lot within two hours...unless you're like me, where i like to spend an hour and a half on social media. Then, i can rush the rest, like brushing my teeth, eating, bathing, changing, and packing my stuff for tuition. Surely i did not have enough time, and usually i would leave around 12 05 and my tuition starts at 12 30, so i would be early for it as i stay just a 10-15 minute walk from…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 5-

This post might be a teeny bit creepy, but I'm sure its one of them where you're just going to be really... well just see for yourself.

BTW, this actually happened quite recently! A typical day in school passed, and my math class had to stay back for about an hour after school for an extra class to go through a worksheet. Well, i had this friend of mine that had to stay back around 30 minutes after the remedial to do some kind of re-test for math. He asked me to wait for him, so afterwards we could go eat. I waited for him outside the classroom, just hanging out at the classroom corridors looking like a hobo while everyone walks past staring. I was just there, wearing my yellow hoodie all zipped up, and listening to music. A little more than 15 minutes passed, and well i needed to go to the toilet. 
I'm kind of those pussies that don't dare to go somewhere alone if the lights are off, and i usually on the light switch and just wait for the lights to turn on before i en…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 4-

Electronic stores are one of those places that haunts me for life. I have always had a weird feeling when I'm around them, and its not a nice feeling. Its like fear, but sadness at the same time. I could never really remember what exactly happened, but i had a scar on my chin that i have always been intrigued about. I made a decision to ask my mum. I just remember getting hurt on my chin and how, but i don't remember where and what happened afterwards.

Rephrasing from what my mum said, I was in some sort of electronic store(not naming it, so they don't get a bad rep or something) and you know how they always display their TV's, phones, tech stuff all laid out beautifully on flat wooden tables or planks? Just so you know, I am very clumsy. It also just so happens that i was running around the store, i don't even know why, and I tripped. Probably over my own shoe, and landed just right on one of those wooden planks. It was a huge one, and it was just a little above t…

More posts comingggg

Hellooooo. Just a quick update for now, as i haven't blogged in about 5 days? Actually a lot more, because most of my posts are pre-written all at once, and that was A LONG TIME AGO. I swear I've just been getting busier and busier, with art homework occupying most of my time at home. I didn't even have time to publish the ones i pre-written a long time ago, because, well, you guys know i absolutely hate blogging on mobile and my computer takes like an eternity to start up. In the past few days, there were also some interesting ideas that i came up with around like midnight, but i didn't write them down and i forgot them. Damn. What a waste of ideas. Luckily, I kinda had this notebook of blog ideas that I've written a while ago, and i started bringing it everywhere i go so whenever i have an idea, i can just write it down.

Since i have a little free time right now, well while I'm actually supposed to do more art preparatory homework, I'm just gonna be typin…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 3-

Nokia phones. Heavy and brutal. If you've read my previous post on how i managed to get my eyes red and sting a lot, you would expect it would have something to do with my eyes hurting or some shit. Well, its similar!I was in my dad's car, a dark red Honda. I used to have a maid at that time so she was sitting in the back seat, with my sister and i. You see, because my sister never wanted to share anything in the past, even she had to be in the middle of the three of us so i wouldn't "snatch" my maid away. My dad was driving, and my mum was sitting on the front seat, next to my dad.
You would imagine this to be a family filled with joy sitting in a car on the way to the beach, with a scenery full of trees and idk, like the botanical garden everywhere. But nooooo, it wasn't. Bear in mind that this was probably like six or seven years ago, so i was using a Nokia phone back then. I used to carry those tiny sling pouches that could fit my Nokia phone in it and i …
Feelings. They don't just come and go whenever they want to They evolve, possibly into something called love, or hatred. They're always there, maybe that's why they cause pain.

I'm a shitty writer, i know. But i didn't create a blog because i wanted to improve my writing, and not just to reflect on what i wrote in the past. I try so hard to write and express how i feel on here, because i'm too much of a coward to do so in real life.

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 2-

GIRLS! Don't you hate it when your shampoo bottle is all pretty but the shampoo actually sucks? Umm strange question, but lets get on topic!

I used to have some kind of shampoo with a really pretty bottle. It was like a tweety bird design i think, it was pink, which was my favourite colour. Basically, the design of the bottle had this small horizontally shaped water drop, and written on it was "No Tears!". Judging by the words and the shape of the water drop that looked like a tear, I thought it meant like if you were washing your hair and the shampoo accidentally gets in your eye, it wouldn't sting. Actually, that happens a lot, but it does sting haha. I was thinking, if it doesn't hurt when it gets in my eye, i would use only that specific shampoo because i think everything tends to get in my eye. 
I then poured some of the shampoo into my eye, and of course, it hurt. It stung man, a lot. I think i poured out like the amount of shampoo that could fit onto my pa…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 1-

Remember those times when we all wished to be able to fly? Yeah, i think after an incident where i tried to fly, caused my fear of heights. Flight, sometimes seems so easy to birds, but why can't humans fly? I mean I've heard of people trying to fly by attaching some type of wing-like cloth on their arms, but i guess humans are just too heavy.

When i was five, or so, like many other children, wished to be able to fly. I was extremely desperate. You know how much i wished every night to grow wings like those Stella had from Winx Club? So i tried flying. When you're small like me, maybe tiny, everything seems really huge right? I stood tall facing the side of my mum's bed, placed a tiny mattress on my "landing area" and set off. Jumped. Flew. Whatever.

Little did i know, actually i knew, i just never bothered to take notice of the shaky worn-out gigantic wooden cupboard behind my landing area. I just "flew" straight into my cupboard, sort of injuring …

--UPDATE 2--

I'm thinking of starting some kind of short story thing that i will post once a week. It'll be about me embarrassing myself, my clumsiness, i don't know. Stuff that makes me cringe and want to forget. I think it'll be really entertaining when I'm older. I'm going to call it: "
Shit you should never do unless you're me!"
How does that sound? I like it!



If you've been catching up on my recent blogposts, and you know all that's been happening, from me changing blog content to trying to post more often, I (kind of) have decided to post at least once every week. Just tryna start slow first, as I'm a hardcore procrastinator and sometimes i can't be bothered to post. Maybe I'll finally continue one of my draft posts and publish them tomorrow!
How 'bout that?


Up's and Down's

You know what sucks? Being sick. Before your period, and on your period.

The past school week has been just...i really don't know how to say it man. There's just been many up's and down's, and its getting really tiring. Monday was youth day, so there wasn't any school, so that was okay.

Tuesday was neutral, but i had that tingly bit of excitement because someone I've been missing so much is back. Heehee, you know that feeling when you haven't seen someone you love so long and they finally come back? It's a nice feeling. Makes me all squirmish and happy, lol. Then when you manage to talk to them after so long, its just indescribable.
Bad new was, I came down with a slight fever and sore throat, probably from eating too many oreos, junk food, and sitting in a cold room skyping with a friend all day. It's all worth it though.

Wednesday, siiggghhhhhh... sore throat got even worse, and my fever got worse, subsided, and got worse again. Glad to see a cert…

Tonight I'm getting over you

"I wanna smash your fears
 And get drunk in off your tears
 Don't you share your smile with anyone else but me
 I wanna touch your heart
 I wanna crush it in my hands
 Make you plead, and cry
 As you give up all the lies

 Were not lovers, but more than friends
 Put a flame to every single word you ever said
 No more crying, to get me through
 I'll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new
 Tonight I'm getting over you"

                                                                                       -Carly Rae Jepsen

Always hungry people

I'm kinda one of those people who eat a lot and don't grow fat, or tall, whatever. Some people say it's a blessing, because who wouldn't like to eat a lot and not grow fat? Truthfully though, its very much a curse. I eat a lot because of two reasons: I'm bored, and I'm always hungry. Whenever I'm bored i just like to eat, not food like snacks or something, but like a plate of rice? I also get hungry really easily, like i could have eaten breakfast at eight in the morning and my stomach would be grumbling by 9 30, and all I've done is stay at home watching television.

Let me just tell you one of the bad things that happen when you're always hungry.
Sometimes before my parents go to work, they'll buy me breakfast, lunch, and i handle my own dinner. Typical breakfasts are something light, not too heavy, well because its breakfast. I need to eat something that's heavy for breakfast, like noodles or porridge or a whole chicken. The breakfast i ge…

I'm alive holy shit

It's been a while, hasn't it? I truly apologise for that, as i haven't been very active on the blogosphere these days. It's not that i didn't have the time, but more like i didn't have any motivation to blog. I did have a few ideas that i made into drafts, but halfway through the posts i had the tendency to blank out. Just to prove how often that happens, i have around 10 draft posts that i have yet to continue. That leads me to a few other things i wanted to talk about with you guys. So about a month ago i mentioned that i would be changing my blog content a little bit to please the viewers-all of you! Which meant that i would have to stop posting about my boring complaints, rants, and other events that I've been through lately. I admit that it hasn't really been working well as i had expected.

Firstly, I'm not the type of people that like to blog about how-to's, guides, or reviews. Well...mainly because my opinion on things can be somewhat off…

What the f?

Love is just an illusion. It's what brings us together so we can do what mankind is supposed to do, make babies and carry on the generation. Ever wondered what if there was no such thing as love, and everyday we would just go about doing our own things? Just to make us happy? Isn't happiness just an illusion too? The human kind is never fully satisfied with what we have. We'll always be driven to find our own happiness, somewhere down the road, but when we do, we want even more. Sometimes we come across fear, sadness, anger... they're not real too, right?
They seem so real.

I've always thought about all this, it kind of never left my mind. Every time someone is nice to me, angry at me, or offended by what i said, i never really took it seriously. Because its not real!! They could be super nice to me if they wanted, it doesn't affect me in any way. I know they are extremely nice, and i appreciate that, but i don't really care. Were all lonely on the inside. …

Now is kind of the start of my June holidays 2015! :) It was actually supposed to start on friday but we had elearning and---someone decided to drag me to the school library to do it with her. HAHAAH partly was because i had to go to school to submit a file that i have never used or filed anything in before.

These five months have been great, but probably more stressful than last year and the year before. There was more homework assignments, but the one that took up most of my time was Guides. I'm not complaining, but since i stepped up as a PL, or rather a sec three, A LOT of the work load was pushed to us. Especially before the annual guides camp, i was the planner and there was a hella lot of planning and preparing to do. We practically had to plan EVERYTHING, timing, activities, dry/wet weather plans. I was so frustrated and didn't want to mess up during camp that i had a bad acne breakout, which was likely to be equivalent to the one i had when puberty sta…


I like to draw, doodle, or whatever you call it. I don't call myself a 'professional artist', as i don't really specialise in fine arts, or have some masters degree in it YET! Though i hope to in the future!

I'm gonna rant about some people, or majority of students. Basically, art is an elective subject that you can take, right? In the NA stream at my school, all of us are forced to select an elective subject in sec two, and it will be our course subject for upper secondary. There are three (or four, depending on your math lol), Art, Food & Nutrition, Design and Tech and Amath. I chose Art, and in my arts class, there are probably less than half of the class that are actually interested in art (drawing, painting, etc etc). I noticed the rest of the class don't really have an interest in the arts. They chose it because they though that taking art as a course subject would be easier to pass, since F&N has food science, D&T is more hands on, machines a…