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Mashed potato ham cheese spaghetti thing


Today i want to share with you guys a recipe that i created just this morning. This mainly would be perfect for those with lots of leftover spaghetti, sliced cheese or whatever you have on your hands right now-that's edible, of course. For this recipe i did not have any fresh cheese or grated cheese at all, so i ended up using cheddar sliced cheese. The one that gets a little hard at room temperature? Yep! :< I also used the kind of mashed potatoes that's in a bag, the type where you gotta add water to it to get the consistency right or something. Feel free to use fresh cheese, or your own mashed potatoes..and don't expect too much, I'm just a newbie when it comes to cooking!

What you will need:
Mashed potatoes (you can make your own by just mashing up boiled potatoes and mixing it with milk, butter, salt etc)Sliced cheese (I used cheddar)Powdered cheese? (optional, i used Parmesan cheese for toppings)Ham (Steamed if you'd like?)Spaghetti Someth…

Aspire camp'15

You know you're growing up when you ask your friends this question

"How do you even have the time?"

It's just the beginning of the year and like I've said many times, and I am really frickin busy. I'm not trying to complain or start a blogpost chain about who is busier than the other but there is a big difference from the previous years. Now, you may wonder, if i am sooo busy, then how do i have the time to make this blogpost?

My answer? All the toilet breaks i took this year. It isn't so busy that i can't afford time to sleep, time to eat or whatever. It's the free time I'm talking about. The free time last year and the year before to go have lunch at the mall, loiter around the neighbourhood, and basically wasting time that i thought i didn't need. Until now i finally realised. Without that free time, my social life is just plummeting down the drain right now.
Whenever my friends would ask me to go eat lunch after school with them, my an…

Funfunfun week

I haven't checked my blog, my email, and most of my other social media for approximately two days. Sorry, but i didn't have the time to reply to some of the emails or some other things. I was really really busy these few days, like just after the second orientation day i already had to help out with the CCA trial for the sec ones. We probably had to stand and help out for close to two hours and it was so tiring. Sure, i met some new cool sec ones that i really am willing to hang out with in the near future, but there were also some really rude ones that almost made Siti explode with anger!

A few days ago i was also briefed by my cc and acc that i was going to be the PL of swallow for camp! I was kinda happy but i also knew that i'm responsible if anything goes wrong..I also finally understood why all the seniors wanted the camp/campfire things to be perfect. I never really cared when i was in sec one or two, but now, i just feel like i should prepare and plan waaaaay earli…

First day of being sec three

Last Friday was the first day of school, and i hate to admit this, but it went really well. Better than i expected actually. I thought i was gonna be all lonely and sad because my best friend isn't here anymore, but my B2 friends and my A2 "morning gang" were here to accompany me :> Not saying that my best friend didn't mean anything to me but i was able to cope normally in school even without her. Hope she's doing well..and cut down on LoL please, don't want you flunking in your new school.

I'm going to try and describe everything as detailed as possible, and I'll start from when i wake up.

I woke up with the same alarm ringtone that I've had for three years now, disturbing me from my sleep. I never really had enough sleep the night before since i was really paranoid about how everyone is going to be like, and i was basically panicking. So after waking up i went to brush my teeth, wash my face and stuff (yes i don't bathe in the mornings, …