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Aspire camp'15

You know you're growing up when you ask your friends this question

"How do you even have the time?"

It's just the beginning of the year and like I've said many times, and I am really frickin busy. I'm not trying to complain or start a blogpost chain about who is busier than the other but there is a big difference from the previous years. Now, you may wonder, if i am sooo busy, then how do i have the time to make this blogpost?

My answer? All the toilet breaks i took this year.
It isn't so busy that i can't afford time to sleep, time to eat or whatever. It's the free time I'm talking about. The free time last year and the year before to go have lunch at the mall, loiter around the neighbourhood, and basically wasting time that i thought i didn't need. Until now i finally realised. Without that free time, my social life is just plummeting down the drain right now.
Whenever my friends would ask me to go eat lunch after school with them, my answer would simply be:
"Sorry leh, cannot sia. Tuition."
My friends would say:
"Walao, why bail on me lidat"

Anyways, i just returned home from camp at johor yesterday and it was really fun!! I'm now going to try and explain what happened as detailed as possible! ^^

1st day

We had to arrive at school at around 7 am and assemble at the hall. It was actually way too early, they kept delaying and delaying until we were slightly late then we could finally ride the bus! The bus was really big actually, like there was lots of leg room and i sat with my friend CJ, with our other friends surrounding us. The bus ride out of SG to the custom wasn't very long and we used the woodlands checkpoint while some other classes used another which i forgot the name hahaha. When we arrived at the Malaysia customs we had to take everything with us including our bags and well, EVERYTHING. Oh and did i mention our valuables had to be kept even during the bus ride? (Like ugh) So we changed buses and we were now travelling on a Malaysia bus and surprisingly had lesser space than the SG one. We alighted at a school in Malaysia for the children with "special needs" and when i first saw them, i begged my teachers to put me in the interacting group because i really wanted to play with them. I was also originally from the cleaning or deco group :p

I said hi to some of them and they immediately hugged me and i was so touched! I did some stuff with them like playing with some toy balls, drawing and made some paper aeroplanes for them. I honestly felt so lucky about what i have now, especially since they found so much joy in drawing circles and throwing paper aeroplanes HAHA. We had our lunch there, it was obviously catered food and left of to the campsite! Omigosh the bus ride there was long as fuck, like two hours, but my friends and i talked a lot and basically it wasn't very boring as it seemed.

When we reached the campsite, or rather the beach resort, we went to the MPH and had some sort of briefing. I kinda forgot what else happened next, *guilty* but the girls got to sleep in the dorms for the first day and the boys in the tents. Then we would switch the next day. It was fun, a couple of games and stuff. The dorms were really nice actually, the beds and there was a bathroom attached. During the bathing time it was really funny because like we were running out of time and i had to bathe with my friends LOL! Also because the dorms had the bathrooms we had to finish quickly so the boys could bathe too :p The dorms had like bunk beds, two below and two on the top, and there were many of those in a dorm.

Later in the evening, we had dinner and then we played some bonding game called animal call lol.
We then had some reflections sharing and went to bed. Oh and my friend came down with a fever and since we were sleeping next to each other, like she kinda passed it to me lol

2nd day

We had to wake up by 7 or something and i actually kept waking up in the middle of the night because it was soo cold. We had our breakfast and we were of to climb a hill!! Even though i was really scared of heights, this one didn't really matter because there were friends surrounding us and like a rope to help us get to the peak. The end was kinda scary actually, since we had to like abseil down because it was so steep. We had like some casualty challenge where we had to carry one another on a stretcher and take turns blahblah I'm lazy to explain.

Lunch was next, and then we had orienteering which to admit, was kinda boring. Then after, we had outdoor cooking, it made me really disappointed cos' we were at a beach and we only used a small little metal thing where they used solid fuel -.- and maybe some twigs or whatever
UG outdoor cooking is better honestly, we actually don't cheat?! We use matches if you consider that slightly cheating. Its a big fire, we use firewood, and the stuff found in nature. We dig a hole in the ground, not use a little metal holder thing. That part could have been better.

We bathed, and the girls were first again haha. My friend and i rushed to the bathroom so we could be first heehee.

Then we had our last campfire prep, oh i almost forgot to state that we did a dance from HSM and Isaac and hui yi were the leaders yaaay. Isaac was like going full out which was also really funny xD The dance was a little lame but we really enjoyed it xD The campfire itself was shorter than the usual campfires and our performance was last.

Following the end of the campfire, we went to sleep in our tents. It wasn't as horrible as i thought, plus the boys kept complaining about it. We got "front row seats" right in front of the sea, so it was nice and cool. Our tent had four people including me, they were Chu Jun, Hui Yi, Mel and i.

3rd day

We woke up early, and CJ found something like a shell in our tent and she was like "why is there a seashell in our tent" so she threw it out. We shined a torchlight at it, turns out it was a hermit crab HAHAA. It was better if we didn't know what it was when she threw it out or we would have started panicking!

We didn't bathe, but went to brush our teeth. Everyone had to "unpitch" their tents and apparently we were one of the first to finish it, so we helped the others. Did i not mention there were like six-seven cats around that beach? They were literally everywhere. At the dining hall, and everywhere that showed civilisation. I kept touching and carrying the cats around because they were so cute!

Subsequently, we had a small beach telematch and a sandcastle building thing which was alright. The telematch was fun but sandcastle building got boring after a while. I got a whole lot of sand on my face, hair and body -.-

Afterwards, we had lunch and then a debrief before we left ^^ The bus ride to the Malaysia customs was again very long, i think two-three hours now that we didn't stop at the school. I think i slept for like three quarters of the journey ahaha. Following was typical custom thingys and we got back our valuables once we passed the SG customs.

I went home, fell asleep and woke up today with a nasty fever, i dreaded typing this post out since i had a horrible headache but since i haven't blogged in a while, so why not?

Overall the camp was the best one i've had, since there were none of those scary high elements where you walk on a rope alone or something. I was so sad this had to end, or i would have been happy staying over there in the dorms and tents. It's just that good.


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