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First day of being sec three

Last Friday was the first day of school, and i hate to admit this, but it went really well. Better than i expected actually. I thought i was gonna be all lonely and sad because my best friend isn't here anymore, but my B2 friends and my A2 "morning gang" were here to accompany me :> Not saying that my best friend didn't mean anything to me but i was able to cope normally in school even without her. Hope she's doing well..and cut down on LoL please, don't want you flunking in your new school.

I'm going to try and describe everything as detailed as possible, and I'll start from when i wake up.

I woke up with the same alarm ringtone that I've had for three years now, disturbing me from my sleep. I never really had enough sleep the night before since i was really paranoid about how everyone is going to be like, and i was basically panicking. So after waking up i went to brush my teeth, wash my face and stuff (yes i don't bathe in the mornings, i have a sensitive nose). I actually got up at 5 30, and by 6 10 i was ready. I was almost going to leave when i realised i couldn't find my keys. I got reprimanded by my mum about me being careless and leaving my keys somewhere, but i was sure it was at home. Just somewhere at home. I left at 6 20 and took the bus at 6 30.

When i boarded the bus, there were like barely any seats left, but there was one seat next to this sec two that i see in the bus almost everyday from last year. I had no choice but to sit next to him. Being paranoid again, i was afraid that people might think i sat next to him because i liked him or what, and since we also wearing the same school uniform from the same school. I felt really, really uncomfortable.

As i alighted from the bus, i did the same thing that i have done for the past two years, walk really slowly. There's no point in rushing since I'm always like 30 minutes early and i wasn't planning on meeting anyone in the morning. Fyi, i really do like being punctual. I'm always early, if I'm not, i probably lost my keys again.

When i went up to the hall in my school, i saw a crowd of SC's and a few teachers gathering and arranging those little sign boards with our classes on it so we would know where to go. I also saw one of my classmates, and i also realised that the guys actually looked better with the new long pants than those baggy shorts. The shorts made them look nerdier ahaah. My friend and i were talking and then my other best friend came and we were like having this happy touching reunion in front of all the new sec ones like retards.

The minute the SC's were done talking and arranging, we were allowed to gather in the hall already. I sat with the second friend i mentioned earlier, and as usual, the principal had this long and draggy talk that she claimed would be "short and sweet" for assembly. One thing i could not forget was when we were singing the national anthem for the second time (the principal said very little people actually sang during the first one so she made us sing again), the principal started singing like through the mic, and I'm not making fun of the song lyrics or the tune but the way the principal sang it was kinda...I'm just gonna say that singing isn't really her forte.

Hold on. I'm trying to multitask here okay. My "Seeds Of Hope" charity thing in the Kardashian game is important too okay.

Where was i? National anthem, right.

After that, all they did was go through all the typical school rules and stuff, then they announced the new teachers that just joined the school. One of them was my new co class parent and there was also one of my favourite science teachers that taught me last year (ms lin, sw. MS LIN!!!!<3) She officially joined the school! Just after that, we went to our assigned classes and met our various class and co class parents. My class parent was actually quite strict, from what i heard. Though strictness is also good..since i procrastinate and all..He was also going to be my art teacher! :D Wait, no. It's supposed to be phrased "My art teacher was actually quite strict, from what i heard, and he was going to be my form teacher! Yes, that is how to phrase it. An art teacher to be my form teacher.

When all the normal "new teacher new friends" kind of phase passed, we had to attend another briefing thing at the hall to recap on grooming and attire..Then after, we had our pre aspire camp briefing. It wasn't really a briefing since the only information that we know is that we would be going to Johor for our aspire camp, and some passport info. One thing i got really pissed at was that our passport should have a six month validity from 30th January and mine is only four months. They told us that the foreigners had to approach our embassy but i hated how they didn't notify us beforehand. As i have to renew my passport, i can't go to school for a day because the malaysian embassy only accepts submissions from 8am-12pm and since I'm under 18, a parent must be with me. Our camp would be on 21-23 Jan, and thats just around two weeks from now.

I was kinda going out of point there above..

A while later, we (A2 & B2) went to the nexus for another talk. I forgot, something about advanced elective something. I think it was about us being able to visit a poly and try out different courses or something.

Next it was recess! Chu jun, Isaac and i were headed to the canteen when i saw someone ;) and then we realised we didn't have our wallets and stuff, so we went back up to class to get it. The classroom was locked as usual, so we decided to "diet" and hang outside the classroom catching up on our previous events.

There wasn't much to do anymore after recess, we just went to class and had normal class stuff, then boom school was over. My friends and i walked together to the interchange..yea then i went home.

This post is probably one of my most detailed posts since i usually get straight to the point and I'm really lazy to type a lot and i also even procrastinate when I'm blogging. Well.. i guess i don't have the right mindset yet.

Being a sec three really scared me, time passes so fast, so so fast.. in a blink of an eye i could probably be 78 years old thinking about my childhood.. OR AM I A 78 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER THAT JUST HAS SUPER GOOD MEMORY AND IS ACTUALLY RECAPPING ALL MY CHILDHOOD MOMENTS? Think about that.


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