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Funfunfun week

I haven't checked my blog, my email, and most of my other social media for approximately two days. Sorry, but i didn't have the time to reply to some of the emails or some other things. I was really really busy these few days, like just after the second orientation day i already had to help out with the CCA trial for the sec ones. We probably had to stand and help out for close to two hours and it was so tiring. Sure, i met some new cool sec ones that i really am willing to hang out with in the near future, but there were also some really rude ones that almost made Siti explode with anger!

A few days ago i was also briefed by my cc and acc that i was going to be the PL of swallow for camp! I was kinda happy but i also knew that i'm responsible if anything goes wrong..I also finally understood why all the seniors wanted the camp/campfire things to be perfect. I never really cared when i was in sec one or two, but now, i just feel like i should prepare and plan waaaaay earlier.

While in school, things have also been really eventful, like there were loads of talks, briefings, but it was also really fun. Especially during recess on friday, we had a lot of fun. SK, our "morning gang" and my  friends were like singing and dancing to weird songs and everyone was giving us this look like "wdf are you doing?"

Friday after school was fun too, after guides we had PSI and before it started, Siti, Sharlotte and i went singing and dancing around the school carpark and when Chu Jun came we started singing Classic to her with really ridiculous and weird expressions on our face. She joined us on our adventure around the school carpark until the embarrassing part came. When we passed a classroom at the back corridor, Siti thought it was empty so she peeked a little through the windows, GUESS WHAT? The NCC guys were inside. Changing? I'm not sure, but because we were singing "All about that bass" but we sang it as "All about your mama" and i think they were laughing and like screaming at us! When we found out that they saw, we ran to a corner and started hyperventilating like omigosh.

Hope your day goes well. Lol


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