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What is a 'Best Friend'?

I'm sure many of you have heard of, or used the term 'Best Friend'. What I'm here to clarify is, what are best friends? Aren't they just friends that are super close to you? Can you only have one best friend? Is that best friend the only person that you should share secrets and gossip with?

Over my years of having 'best friends', i realised something. Best friends change, so do you and i. I had a best friend once, in primary school. We were so young back then, we knew nothing. At that age, it was all about our favourite TV shows, our hobbies, and 'surface level' kinda stuff. Being in a convent school with strict measures also did not help. I used to think we knew a lot about each other, but i guess not.
She knew me as that ridiculous train-wreck, not that I'm not, i still am. Though we never got very attached in the emotional deep side. I'll admit, i can become very 'deep', i like to give and receive advice, I'm really fond of listening to other people's personal problems and trying to solve them. As she was some hardcore little lady that actually never really had an interest in listening to people, i found it really hard to talk to people about my problems. Especially since she's one of those that would tell you things like "Step up and be a man, won't you?" (Or in my case, a 'woman')

So primary school didn't go very well for me, but when secondary school started, there was lots of drama. And i met some really great friends. Back on topic-Best friend. That one person that i can talk to about my problems and enjoys ranting about some really stupid things with me. The only flower in my life that is able to care for me, joke about things that even the littlest of people would joke about. That person will always have a place in my heart, and can never ever be replaced.

Sometimes i wonder how do you even get closer to someone. When they already have someone else in a house, you can't just move in without telling the other person right?

This was weird.
This is a weird blogpost that i wrote just to kill time.
I shall now go back to playing I Love Pasta.
Did you know, sometimes when i'm too lazy to hang my clothes up, i wear all of it as an outerwear?


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